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Renegades by Marissa Meyer
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This is a story of Nova, an Anarchist who was brought up by Ace Anarchy, one of the top rebels and prodigies in the Anarchist's place in the world. Today, she still lives the life of a grown-up Anarchist despite her family and Uncle Ace being long since dead. Living underground and seething with a hatred for the Renegades, the "superheroes" who defeated the Anarchists many years prior, she and her "family" (Honey, Phobia, and a 'nice' gal named Detonator among others) still yearn for the day that they can use their unique powers to bring down the Renegades and stop living in the dark as cast aside individuals. Nova is given an opportunity to join the Renegades and become one of the superheroes which seems like a perfect way to infiltrate the system and work through her plan to bring down this group of people and avenge her Uncle Ace and family.

Overall, I liked this book. As many people may know, this book is MASSIVE. I know it isn't the biggest of all books out there, but just looking at it gave me anxiety with it's size. That's one reason I decided to tackle it as fast as I could so I didn't feel like it was just staring at me, daunting-like, begging to be read.

What I liked:
I mostly enjoyed the characters. Some were a little flat at times, including Nova and Adrian, but I enjoyed the dynamics of others such as Cyanide looking out for Nova all the time. I even liked Ruby and Oscar despite their clearly highschool-ish romance that conjured up the words "giggling" a lot (which I'm not crazy about). I also enjoyed Adrian's two fathers which is always nice to see in a book, especially circling around superhero themes. Additionally, the idea of so many people having these powers which were all unique was great to consider. I wondered a few times what other powers could exist in this world that hadn't been mentioned. The story itself moved along pretty well. There were about 3 separate spots that I gazed over a few paragraphs just to get the action moving as it felt a little repetitive. Lastly, I enjoyed the concept of this world: good versus evil but that it isn't always as black and white as that which is what Nova goes through a lot in her head. Maybe that's part of why I thought she fell flat on occasion - because she was trying to focus on so many different thoughts that one could have based on her situation of infiltrating a group of people she thinks she hates.

What I disliked:
I would have preferred to see her notice other clues such as the situation with Ace's helmet at Renegade headquarters, or other things in general such as most of her team and the Council being overall good people. I also didn't like the parts where the characters didn't seem to be developing. At times Nova felt a little all over the place. Hard, stony faced, cold inside one minute, and then she was laughing, smiling, and feeling this mini crush out of nowhere. It was frustrating at times, though didn't take from the overall story for me.

I enjoyed this. I look forward to the next book that comes out this year to see how this ended up as I didn't necessarily predict the ending that was going to happen so I was a little surprised and want to know what it means!

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