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An Enchantment of Ravens by Margaret  Rogerson
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it was ok
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Thanks Simon & Schuster for the free review copy!

I'm so appalled at this book because it's so long since I've read a book and thought, "How did this get published?? It still needs so much work." This genuinely feels like the first draft of a book, there are SO many technical issues that don't make sense.

This book is trying to be acomaf… except with the worst parts of Twilight sprinkled into it. First of all, there is such a power imbalance between fae & humans that is emphasized and often exploited. Fae are clever and trick humans and that’s part of the folklore, but for a romantic relationship to exist between the two, it sets up a very manipulative and sketchy dynamic. At one point when he’s mad at her, he pins her to a wall and Isobel is fully aware of her helplessness. It just was an uncomfortable dynamic that I think unwittingly could have been a metaphor for women who can’t help themselves out of abusive relationships. And he constantly holds his age over her head, belittling her with his immortality. At every turn Isobel reminds the reader about how helpless and weak she is as a mere human, and it was exasperating.

Next, Isobel falls in love with Rook so!!!!! quickly!!!!!!! I don’t consider this similar to Twilight so much as I consider it a hallmark of any YA novel, but still. The romance in this is SO lame and badly done, too quick, too unbelievable. Her obsession with him not only as a partner but as someone more mysterious and ~better~ than her was really disturbing. She reminded me of Bella because of her meekness, her malleability of character. Also, Rook really does nothing to justify her loving him. It felt very much just like the author stated it but the characters don’t really match up with that description?

And that seemed to be something to occur often. For some reason, the plot of this just didn’t work. The best way I can describe is it that the author had the outline of a plot but then filled characters into it that just weren’t right. Their motivations felt off and I felt like I was being tossed back and forth in a tidal wave because their emotions and the direction of the plot kept changing. Bottom line, this wasn’t convincing. And it’s the first book I’ve read in a long time where I think there’s some genuinely weak storytelling here.

Furthermore, the characters' words and actions were completely different. She falls in love with him on page 3, yet later on she acts like she's so angry that he's taking her to autumn court? then she wants to escape because she misses her family, but she doesn't want to leave him? again, back to the tidal wave thing. i couldn't figure out any of the characters' motivations, and the world building was just as weakly written, if not worse. nothing made sense. Rook said he was taking her to go on trial at the autumn court, and after like 50 pages of stumbling around the woods, they never even step foot in autumn court once in the book ?????

The writing style in this book was also giving me whiplash. Some sentences were so uniquely phrased and vivid, but others rested on clichés i’ve read a thousand times in other YA books. Also sometimes the narration would fall into second person and Isobel would say, “Now let me tell YOU about a time . . .” and it really disrupted the story. It felt very out of place in this sort of story, whereas I may not have minded so much had this been middle grade or contemporary. But something about the breaking of the fourth wall made the story seem tacky, the narrator less real.

I’m just a plain sucker for the enemies to lovers trope, but it didn't even deliver on that front. I think it was an ambitious idea, but not at ALL well-executed.
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46.67% "this book has so many structural issues. it feels like the author had a plot she wanted and just threw in characters that weren't compatible with that conflict at all. none of their actions make sense and none of the puzzle pieces are fitting together. it's just so awkward"
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message 1: by Robin (new)

Robin I tried really hard to read this book but I could not get into it. I finally took it back to the library. So glad I didn't buy it!!

message 2: by Syira (new) - added it

Syira i cant even finish this book!

Valerie Watson Scheg "This book is trying to be acomaf… except with the worst parts of Twilight sprinkled into it."...YES. THIS.

Rachael I was also disappointed. I didn't mind the romance so much, but the weak plot that forgot itself at the 160ish page mark, the bad world building, and the way so many aspects of the novel contradicted each other was upsetting. Could have been better, but it was poorly done at best.
One last thing, how is it she was so afraid to be fae because of how inhumane and emotionless they were and yet said love interest radiates emotions?

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