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Tuhan Izinkan Aku Menjadi Pelacur! by Muhidin M. Dahlan
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Oct 07, 2011

really liked it

This is the story of a woman named Nidah Kirani. A devout Muslim. Dihijabi body by a large robe and hijab. Love of religion made him choose to live sufistik. And his desire is only one religion is to become a Muslim who is kiffah.

In the spirit of religion as tit for tat when it received the doctrines that Islam in Indonesia today is not pure. Pure only in the Quran and the Sunnah of the Prophet. By definition, Islam is not religion. Dien Islam or the system that its laws laid out in the shari'a. Originally there is no rule for mengegakkan laws, then not be said of Islam. In short he participated in the combined organization, the Organization where the congregation would like to establish an Islamic state in Indonesia. After a long time incorporated in the organization, they feel no progress in his organization. Non-transparent system in which there is falsehood and lies. Nidah Kirani feel very disappointed. Not to mention the many problems arising from keaktifannya in the organization. Not immediately repent and return to Allah. He even actually feel disappointed with God. they feel no intervention from God when it has such a cause of berjuangnya.

In the current condition of his confusion, he actually release his frustration by doing free sex. Here the author explains that all who are tempted by Nidah Kirana to do freesex are men-men who are activists. They are hypocrites think Nidah. Eventually it was sold it on the man himself. Hookers, a choice that he thought more profitable rather than simply freesex campus with friends.

End of story gak clear. Clay from how the last sentence in this novel.

"I am the prophet of evil, the earth will find life more and more dark. I look forward to these people! I, the prophet of evil, the daughter of a fire, will continue to disrupt, tear-nyobek, and burn your life masks of hypocrisy. Stay tuned. I hastened. Coming soon. "

I see a counter on the content of this novel from a pro. Words of reflection on the cover of this novel does not represent the contents. Nobody writers do at least invite us to comprehend the benefits from this story. Let us translate his own? I think this novel, is not to educate. Not included novels or novels Islamic da'wah. All is explained only in terms of Islam negatively. His words when explaining the behavior of mature begituu Nidah and spouse-spouse. For me this story with whimsy that is a bit forced. And how writers write hypocrisy of a Muslim, as are all hypocrites. From the story of a porno Nidah long Kirani then be prostitutes, and finally Islamic aktivis2 tempted by Nidah's easy to do freesex. Honestly I was disappointed and a little angry reading it. Why little? Because sesalah yah-nothing can harm us learn from there.

Reportedly the book-opening essay Muhidin M Dahlan is on average contain controversial and somewhat deviated from the usual interpretation. As opposed to understanding and teaching that have been there. And the know-know religious hostility in Indonesia. Perhaps the heart of its contents represents the author kah? Or as some have criticized the Zionist regime behind this book? And some say undermine faith teenagers?

And Allaah knows best
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