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I Have Lost My Way by Gayle Forman
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really liked it
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This is a little blue bundle of emotional destruction. I actually had NO idea what this new Forman book was about, but I really love If I Stay (I sniffled a bit ok, I do have feelings apparently) and this one had that same emotional ruuuuin. So that was GREAT. However there are a few things that make me a bit uncomfortable about it?? But we'll get to that.

Also sHOUT OUT to the UK/AUS cover because it absolutely resembles my headphones when I put them in my pocket for two seconds.

+ It's basically a Told Over One Day™ story!
Which is a trope I both love and hate haha. I love it because it's short and powerful and the way I got so attached to these characters after just seeing their "day" is such good writing?! But I always feel eeeehhh at these stories because: THE ROMANCE. I mean, how even do you fall in love in a day. At least no one was pledging their lives to each other so. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ It was more like a very very intense crush/beginning (and it is cute I do ship it, just...lowkey.)

+ It also had 3 narrators: Freya, Harun, and Nathaniel.
The style was interesting because they have their backstory backflashes in 1st person, but the actual present-day part of the book is in 3rd. (3RD PRESENT BTW WHICH IS MY FAVOURITE AHH HEART EYES.) And even though the book is really short, I absolutely love these three! My only negative lol lol is that Harun's narrative didn't seem to really fit? He had a great story with a full arc and everything...but you could've cut him out and it wouldn't have affected the plot. WHOOPS.
• FREYA: She's a raising-star singer who suddenly can't sing. We're never sure if it's nerves or a medical condition, but just one day she couldn't sing anymore. She feels SO lost and like as soon as she's fired from her singing deal, she'll never be loved. She's also biracial/Ethiopian.
• HARUN: He's from a strict Muslim family and he's gay but super deeply closeted. He breaks his boyfriend's heart but all he wants is to get him back.
• NATHANIEL: He is a very smol sad cinnamon son (WHOM I LOVED THE MOST) who's very depressed after his home-life falls apart and so lonely. And so soft™ and sweet and will eat anything you put in front of him bless him.

+ They have the best #meetcute ever.
Considering Freya's on her phone lamenting the loss of her career and she trips and falls off a low bridge and knocks out Nathaniel. He is super concussed. Pukes on her shoes. Harun is nearby and offers to help because he recognises Frey's fammmmous and thinks hanging out with her might get his boyfriend back. So it's a huge pile of coincidences, but I didn't think too hard to believe! The end up spending the day together and FACING ALL THEIR DEVASTATION AND TEAR-FILLED PASTS.

+ It's so emotional!
I was really absolutely caught up in the story, the voice, the writing super fast and I'd been in a bit of a ready slump but I didn't want to put this one down?! The themes of loneliness and loss and love where just poured so heartfeltly (shh that is now a word) onto every page.

+ OK but...like I did have a few problems.
For starters...just Harun's story was (a) really disjointed to the others, and (b) like he's a queer brown Muslim m/m tragic story line (not death or anything but still) and I just??? I feel uncomfortable with this knowing it ain't #ownvoices and how basically Islam only gets negative portrayals in books. BUT. I have no idea of the backstory of why the author wrote it, so I won't judge. But yeeeah. And also Nathaniel/Freya's romance was very fast har har. And sometimes it'd switch POVs (with line breaks tho) like after ONE SENTENCE. Surely we don't need to know what everyone's thinking in the same second?! Also it soooo does NOT feel like YA! It felt more NA at least?! The characters are at least 19 if not a bit older.

+ But overall I really did like this one!
It's a short punch of grief and moving on and loss and of finding yourself and finding others to help you cling on. I also liked that it wasn't all "oh love cures everything" but rather "hey look people can grab your hand and hold onto you when you're drowning" and that's a really important and beautiful message THAT'S HEART TO HIT YOU IN THE FEELS. ❤️💔Also the ending is SO open and I think I really love it for that.
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Lyddz So far I'm getting Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist vibes and I'm not sure if that's pretty close or way off base haha. But I think I may check this one out <3

C.G. Drews I haven't read that one so I can't say!

C.G. Drews Hmm, I don't really think so?? Sorry. 😂It's definitely about music, with Freya's singing, but it's not as musical as If I Stay for instance.

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