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Ashton and Justice by Stephani Hecht
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Oct 06, 2011

really liked it
bookshelves: m-m-contemporary

Ashton and Justice was a great fictional m/m read. It was a little twisted in that the DA is abusive while the mob boss is more caring about his son. Hecht really enjoys writing about characters that have no true good or bad to them only a deep pool of grey. The DA puts very bad guys behind bars all the time, he's keeping the streets and city safer, yet he beats his youngest because he's gay and a disappointment. On the other side of the tracks (so to speak) we have the mob boss, who is ok with his son not following in his footsteps and is even ok with him being interested in the DA's son. Yet he probably has committed murder and other heinous acts.

Justice takes the abuse that has been dolled out to him ever since his mother died when he was 10. His big brother even gangs up with his father in an effort to show 'daddy' just how much he isn't like Justice. At a party he meets a handsome guy named Ashton... who's father happens to be a mob boss. Ashton experiences his own form of abuse at the hands of the police force and kids who judge him for his last name.

The two have an explosive chemistry and they find themselves falling more and more for each other over the course of a week. What I loved was that Hecht didn't say Ashton fell in love with Justice after meeting him. But rather that they felt that connection and longed to explore it. Ashton told his father he could see himself falling for Justice. It was sweet. The only thing that made this book not perfect was the lack of vindication on Justice's family. I wouldn't want a DA (even if he did a good job) getting away with abusing his son. Yet I also know that in the real world many victims don't press charges on their abusers.... it just would have been nice. This is a pure fiction m/m romance that has some steamy scenes as well as sweet ones. I wonder if Hecht's planning on another story for them and how they are doing after the fallout. Truly sweet.

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