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Name Change by Ed Mcgowin
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it was amazing
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What?! The Baltimore Museum of Art published an interesting bk? W/ challenging work? Wha happen?! Did the person behind this get fired shortly thereafter? Yes, William Edward McGowin changed his name legally 12 times in 1 yr & made a new work for each name change. As I recall, he was investigated by the FBI for this. Under the name of "Nicholas Gregory Nazianzen" he made a clock w/ no numbers on its face. Under the face there's a digital clock that just documents the time elapsed since the clock was turned on. "The CLOCK's function is to record the hours in the owner's lifetime." Interesting. Who's ever heard of this guy? Whatever happened to him?!

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message 1: by [deleted user] (new)

Totally off the subject of your review...and I left you a message too btw, I was wondering if you have read Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged....

Tentatively, Convenience I'm posting this in 2 places since the 1st reply to yr message rc'vd yesterday apparently didn't actually get sent & since my 2nd reply (reproed below) doesn't seem to be being sent either.

Hi Sarah!

Oddly, I replied to this message from you at some length yesterday & apparently it was never sent to you. Too bad. Here's try 2:

I read Ayn Rand something like 35 yrs ago. I definitely read "Anthem", wch is short, & probably "The Fountainhead", wch is long. I don't think I read "Atlas Shrugged". Rand is, of course, a capitalist & I'm an anarchist (ie: anti-capitalist) so she & I are certainly not very compatible philosophically. I think that if she were alive today she'd be pro-'free trade' as opposed to what I'm in favor of: 'fair trade'.

If I understand the plot of "Atlas Shrugged" correctly, it's about a group of capitalists who drop out of society to form a hidden mountain retreat w/ it's own 'free' economy. It wd be interesting to read this just to see how she thinks this wd work given that her drop-outs are probably all protaganists & 'heros' &, as such, not really prime material for being the slaves that capitalism (ie: the 'free' economy) ultimately relies on. In other words, the rich don't get richer w/o the poor to get poorer.

Rand stands out as a woman novelist who wrote big bks w/ a very clear philosophy. As such, she might be worth reading just for that. However, my personal preference for reading massive tomes runs more along the lines of Joyce, Pynchon, Rabelais, etc.. But they're all men. My objection to Rand, however (as I hope is obvious), is not that she's a woman but that she's a capitalist. You might want to start w/ "Anthem", just b/c it's short, so that if you don't like it but feel compelled to read it in its entirety just for scholarly reasons (as I wd) you won't be wasting so much time. Now, though, you've got me interested in reading "Atlas Shrugged" too.

Hope this helps!

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