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The Enchantress by Michael Scott
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Oct 05, 2011

it was amazing
bookshelves: 2012-book-challenge

This is the first time I’m going to review a final book in the series and reviewing the entire series. So here it goes

Rating: ★★★★★

1. Story: Michael Scott has given himself a challenge: write a series of 6 books that only happened in the course of less than 10 days. The outcome, a wonderful series called the Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel. This series was very-well constructed. There were so many twists and turns here and there, Mr Scott was genius to have crammed them all into 6 books. Plus, there were so many subplots that connected to the main plot of the book, not to mention the mythologies and history lessons that were put in between. I really love the story world that he created, building the folklore and legends into fantasy, manipulating the lives of many of the characters from history, giving them crucial roles to the play for the final battle of the present day.

2. Characters: What was different about this series was that there were no romance involved. The protagonist did not go and find love, yet the character development was so strong, I saw many of the characters change in the course of 6 books. You see them switch sides. You see their struggles as they fought for their missions.In book 6, I really saw the growth of relationships between this group of friends. The dialogs were both funny and sad. I laughed mostly at Scathach and William Shakespeare. I hated and loved the antagonist Dr John Dee. My hostility towards the new villains were so strong, they kept so many secrets in the books! Antagonists from Book 1-6 switched from evil to heroes!

3. Mythology: BRILLIANT! This series served like a mythology lesson. This book gave me new ideas to write on my novel. By the end of the series, I wanted to research more about the characters mentioned in this book! I really wanted to learn more about the 4 Elemental Swords and their roles in history, Danu Talis, Hekate, and much more.

4. Cover: I love how each of the books represent an element, and each of the titles represent a character from the book. I love the silver and gold cover of Enchantress and Warlock. They truly represent the protagonists: Sophie, the Silver; and Josh, the Gold. Whoever did the book covers, excellent job!

5. Ending: A wonderful ending! A few questions were still left unresolved, but I think Michael Scott was saving those for his next series, the Earthlords. The actions scenes before the final conclusion were very fast-paced, I wished I could write something like those. Michael Scott did not repeat any actions or moves, nor were the words repeated simultaneously. I jotted down verbs I could use in my novel. I do believed the ending was a bit quick; and I think he might’ve done this to prevent the book from getting longer. I don’t mind reading a 600-800 page book, as long as I get an excellent ending. It was a resolved and happy ending, I just couldn’t wait what Michael Scott has left in his sleeves.

As for Sophie’s future, I am hoping Michael Scott would write more about her adventures in his upcoming Earthlords series.

If you love mythology, folklore, history, fantasy, and action, then I highly recommend this series!
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Christian Galano Bailey wrote: "best series ever! cant wait for this book to come out! the warlock had the best ending of all of the series and we have to wait to figure out the rest! so excited for may!"

I know! The wait is killing me! It's time to find out how the prophecy will be revealed.

message 2: by Desy (new)

Desy Purnama I thought that the enchantress is the final series of nicolas flamel,.

Christian Galano Desy wrote: "I thought that the enchantress is the final series of nicolas flamel,.

Yup, it's the final book. But Michael Scott is writing a new series called the Earthlords, an idea that was mentioned from the 6th book.

Zohal that's a really good review

Geneva there's a new series!!!??

Christian Galano Geneva wrote: "there's a new series!!!??"

I read his short story on Billy the Kid. It said on the back that his upcoming series is going to be called The Earthlords series.

Zohal can't wait to read that series

Anushka This is the only other book series that I love as much as I love Harry Potter series. And I totally agree with the unique factor, no lovey-dovey stuff (not that I'm against it). This aspect was like...fresh air. As it is obvious, people mostly read books with even a little romance (even I) but the fact that this series had the ability to engage me and NOT using romance as a tool is just astounding.

Carlos I really liked your review. I just started reading The Enchantress today!

Christian Galano Carlos wrote: "I really liked your review. I just started reading The Enchantress today!"

Thank you! Take time digesting all the details from Enchantress. Because once the series is done, it's done. And I wanted more :)

Adrian Wang Actually, the titular character of The Warlock is not Josh, but Machiavelli. It has been stated by Scott himself, and it says on Wikipedia, "The book's titular character has been confirmed to be Niccolò Machiavelli.
'The Warlock - the oath-breaker - of the title refers to a character who has made the biggest change, the biggest decision and acts out of character. And that is ............... Niccolo Machiavelli.'"

message 12: by Lisa (new) - rated it 5 stars

Lisa Ruttenberg Earthlords series came out in the 90's.

Christian Galano A new Earthlords series is coming soon

message 14: by Sheila (new)

Sheila Wright Great review Christian. Very well put. You basically said everything I wanted too!

Christian Galano Sheila wrote: "Great review Christian. Very well put. You basically said everything I wanted too!"

Thank you. I'm surprised that people still read my review.

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