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A Red Herring Without Mustard by Alan Bradley
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Oct 05, 2011

really liked it

When Flavia is having her fortune told by a gypsy woman, she is chilled by the fortune teller’s references to her death mother. When she subsequently causes the woman’s tent to burn down, Flavia feels compelled to offer her the opportunity to camp her caravan on a secluded part of Flavia’s father’s land.
The next day Flavia finds the gypsy beat to within an inch of her life, and our eleven year old is determined to find out what exactly happened and why. A further body, found hanging from a fountain, complicates matters further, and there’s also a missing baby to take into consideration.
It isn’t long before Flavia is up to her young neck into investigations, looking into murder, theft, and obscure religions while also trying to keep the upper hand with her two older sisters who seem determined to make her life a misery.

This is a charming mystery series. Flavia is a fascinating character, precocious and endearing. Wise beyond her years and unashamedly curious she can’t help herself but get involved with matters that should be way beyond her years.
I enjoy her way of looking at the world and at her older siblings, although I do find some of her thoughts and actions a bit too advanced for her eleven years.
It is hard to read the books in this series without a smile on my face, and I’m looking forward to reading any future adventures and mysteries involving Flavia.

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