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Thief's Cunning by Sarah Ahiers
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Assassin's Heart Series Ratings:
Assassin's Heart: Actual rating 3.5 ★'s but I am feeling generous.
Thief's Cunning: Actual rating 3.5 ★'s

Thank you to Netgalley for providing me an advanced reader copy in exchange for my honest review.
But I knew what it must be like for the travelers. To feel bound and trapped and then want to live wildly while you had freedom, even if it was just for a moment, really. A small breath in a lifetime of feeling unable to breathe.

Allegra has always had to look over her shoulder. As the niece of the infamous assassin Lea Saldana, Allegra is used to hiding from people who want her dead. Once the strongest clipper family in the Kingdom of Lovero, the Saldanas—or what’s left of them—are now the most hunted. Their number one enemy is the Da Vias, whose thirst for retaliation is almost two decades in the making.

But lately Allegra’s getting fed up with everything being kept from her—including her parents’ identity. When she finally learns the truth about her family, though—that she’s a Da Via—her world crumbles. Feeling betrayed by the people she trusted the most, Allegra turns to Nev, a Traveler boy whose presence makes her feel alive in ways she’s only dreamed of. But getting caught up in Nev’s world has consequences Allegra never saw coming.

Note to self: Learn to read the synopsis of books right before you start reading them so you're not wildly confused because you got a habit of thinking books are entirely different to what they actually are.
Will I learn? Probably not.

I read Assassin's Heart not that long ago in preparation of Thief's Cunning. I quite enjoyed it, I liked the concept of groups of people murdering others in the name of their god because let's be real, it ain't that different from real life. I went into this book thinking it would pick off right where we left off but no... it did not.
So you can imagine my utter confusion when the POV is no longer Lea and is actually her niece Allegra who was a baby when we last saw her. I quickly discovered that Thief's Cunning picked up nearly 18 years after Assassin's Heart. Once I got past my confusion I was okay though, and honestly I can't even blame the book for it in the first place. As the reader I really should have read the bloody synopsis, but you live in you learn.

I really enjoyed Allegra's character, she was different than Lea but if I'm honest, not by a lot. Lea is more cut throat and her world revolved around her seeing revenge for her family's deaths where as Allegra's world revolved around feeling trapped and then discovering whole parts of her life were kept secret from her.
I really connected with her though, maybe more so than Lea. I feel like I picked this book up at the perfect time. Although it did take me a while to read it, I saw myself in Allegra.
Like Allegra, I have felt extremely trapped in my lately, like I am holding my breath and am desperate to be free. And like Allegra, my cage is my family right now.

Thief's Cunning does a great job at exploring the complexities of families and how loving people can keep you restrained to one place. That sometimes that is harmful, but sometimes, with the right people, it feels less like a cage and more like home.

A lot happened in this book, while also a lot didn't happen. I don't know if it's just me, but I do find Ahiers's writing drags a bit for me. I'm never desperate to find out what happens next, it never feels like a race to get there. It's more a leisurely stroll which, with my lack of reading lately, might have been right for the occasion.

I enjoyed each of the new characters introduced, they all felt like fully fleshed out, with personalities of their own no matter how small the part they played in the story was.
Ahiers is great at building a world that feels tangible, she did an incredible job at extending that world here as well, giving us more cultures to explore.

There's honestly not a whole lot more I can say. Thief's Cunning was a good book, it just didn't quite hit the mark for me, but I enjoyed the ride regardless.
“Did someone else hurt you?” he asked.
I laughed, I couldn’t help it. “I think I’ve been hurting all my life, I just didn’t know why.”

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14.0% "How did I not know this wasn't continuing with Lea's POV and that it was now her nieces POV??????
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