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The President's Lady by Irving Stone
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May 08, 2008

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I would love to learn more about Andrew Jackson.

When I was in 4th grade, I hung out with a couple girls who swore a lot, and I wanted to be cool and fit in. Not only did I swear too (everywhere except in front of my mother), but I told them once that I had a boyfriend who lived in California next to my grandma. (Age before I actually had a boyfriend: 19.)

So anyways, sweary girl #1 said "What's his name?" And I thought "oh crap crap crap I never made up a name for him" (except, obviously I was saying a word worse than "crap" in my head), and so I blurted out, "Uh...Andrew Jackson." It was just the first name that came to my head.

As soon as I said that name, I also thought, "Oh, crap! That is the name of a president!" Somehow, I figured that my swearing girlfriends would also know this and figure out that I was lying. Looking back, I am pretty positive they were not aware of the names of any presidents, including the current one in office.

So real quick, and trying to appear casual, I said immediately after revealing his name, "Yeah, his name it the same name as the president Andrew Jackson. I totally tease him about it all the time." Phew! I was saved! Not only did I acknowledge the fact that his name was unique, but I pointed out that it is a topic of our long distant relationship conversations, making it way less likely to sound like a lie. Also, it showed how mature and loving our relationship was, in that we teased each other so comfortably about things like our names. And, we do it "all the time".

My sister is the only person on earth who knew this story until now. Now it is on the internet and millions can laugh at my strange childhood.

So anyways, I don't know zilch about my 4th grade boyfriend, Andrew Jackson. I should probably read a book like this. It sounds interesting.
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