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Armor by John Steakley
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Oct 04, 2011

liked it

Well deserving with it's place in military sci-fi,and the comparisons that is drawn with other novels is understanding as well. Very similar to Starship Troopers, but I would say that this is closer to being some kind of proto-Warhammer 40k. I could very easily see this universe going into the hellish battle verse of 40k, with the main character, Felix, being hailed as one of the first space marines in some founding chapter. The action was good, many of the battle seemed large in scale, and it was told through a crazy semi-invincible soldiers eyes - and that of a couple people watching playback of the events a few years later.. Yeah that was the middle part of the book, some dude who thought he was a bad ass until he learned of Felix, and experienced his battles through the playback. And, there was some stuff about some kind of wild west type town on a planet and some small revolution, or something, it was boring and I skimmed though it until the story was back on Banshee. And, if so much of Felix's survival came down to hand to hand combat against insectoid warriors, why the hell didn't he get a battle axe?! Seriously, you're that bad ass that you are going to try to punch your way though a couple hundred ants today? I'm pretty sure by the second day of that crap he would have gotten a sword. Especially later when someone in power armor is in fact carrying one.
In all it was a good book to fill that power armor combat sci-fi until I give in and try to find some decent Warhammer 40,000 books to read.

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