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Sasquatch by D. Jeffrey Meldrum
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Oct 04, 2011

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My initial reason for buying/reading this book was to achieve a scientific viewpoint on this particular topic --- that is how the back cover / introduction is presented. In my opinion, Dr. Meldrum falls short here. To the casual reader, this book could certainly be viewed as 'too sciency' but to the more scientific audience, the scientific process has not been completed here. Dr. Meldrum is convinced that Sasquatch exists... given footprints, unidentifiable hairs, interesting dermal ridges of the footprint, and the Patterson-Gimlin film. Given that it is 2012, DNA inter-comparisons are the norm, GIS (Geographic Information System) analysis has been around 20 years, and more benchmark ecological work such as 'Why Big Fierce Animals are Rare' or 'How the Leopard Changed its Spots' is completely lacking.

As a hobby, I've read the Bigfoot books by Krantz, McLeod, Regal, etc. --- don't tell me about a PhD in anatomical science as a means to convince me --- USE THE OLD AND NEW INFORMATION TO SHOW ME. I agree with Dr. Meldrum that a lot of historical information suggests Sasquatch may exist, but I was hoping for an up-to-date view on the topic. You will not find that here.
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