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The Adventures of Tom Sawyer & Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain
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May 08, 2008

really liked it

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain is one of the most well known stories in American literature. This novel, often referred to as the Great American Novel, continues from where it left off in the Tom Sawyer novel. In this novel, Huck Finn is taught by Miss Watson and soon finds that he does not enjoy being taught manners. During this time Huck’s pap comes back and takes him away where he hides Huck and, at times, almost harms him. Huck proposes a plan that fools the town into thinking he is dead. After this, Huck runs off down the river where he meets up with one of Miss Watson’s slaves, Jim. Huck and Jim work together to make sure neither of them are caught. The two travel down the Mississippi River overcoming many obstacles and coming very close to being caught. On the journey, the two meet families that are fighting, two runaway convicts, and even Tom Sawyer’s Aunt and Uncle. The story goes on to show the connection and relationship between Huck and Jim and how they become very closely attached to each other.
This novel is an excellent novel and well deserved of being call the “Great American Novel.” Throughout the novel, Twain adds many tiny specific details that make it that much better than all the other novels. An example of this is the description of Jim’s necklace and the description of the Duke and King while they were putting on their play. Twain also adds affectionate details in the story that makes the reader want to continue reading and not put it down. And example of this is when Huck and Jim become separated on the lake due to the fog. When the two are reunited again, Jim comments that he was worried sick about Huck and thought that he could be dead. This affection increases knowing that the relationship is between a slave and a young white boy during the times of slavery and racism.
The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn is one of my favorite novels, even if I was forced to read it for an English class. After complaining about the size and moaning about the text, and after actually reading it, I found that it is a very enticing story that is difficult to stop reading. The way the story progresses during the journey on the river is genius work on Twain’s part. In a nut shell the entire story is nothing but a boy and a slave on a raft traveling down a river, not knowing where exactly they are going, but instead letting fate take them wherever. Twain takes this broad plot and twists it, adding in the stop at the Shepherdson’s and Grangerford’s, as well as the stop into town where the two royal convicts perform their Shakespearean play. These little stops and additions to the story line are what makes this novel great and inspiring to all other novels.
Out of all the novels I have read, Huck Finn has been by far the most adventurous. This novel contains hidden treasure, family fighting, and a great amount of lying. Huck and Tom acquire the hidden treasure in the previous story. After this discovery, these two and their gang, pretend they are rebels that will rob the people and live as bandits. Huck is the first to mature and realize that the things they are doing are not adventures but instead just games. The family fighting occurs between the Shepherdson’s and Grangerford’s. The intense fighting doesn’t begin until Miss Sophia, a Shepherdson, runs off with Harney, a Grangerford. During this time, the two families fight until one family kills all of the opposite family. Once again, Huck is the mature one and does not see the point of the constant fighting over something that occurred a long time ago in the past. The lying that is constant throughout the novel comes mainly from Huck and his attempt to conceal his identity. In one scene, Huck dresses as a young girl and goes into town to hear the news on what the people are talking about since he had been “killed”. During this time he talks with an old woman who does not fall for his act and recognizes that he is a boy. Huck creates a quick lie that saves him yet again. This time the woman is not able to detect falseness and is tricked in his lies.
If there is any novel out there that would be exciting, adventurous, sad, and worth reading, then The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn is that novel. There is no doubt in my mind that this novel is the Great American Novel based on the talent of Twain’s writing. Many people will look at Huck Finn and cower at the size of the book and make that their decision on whether to read it or not. If one would take the time and read the first chapter or two, then they will be transported into the world of Huck Finn and they will become curious, making them want to read more. To be able to say I have read the Great American Novel and enjoyed it is a great accomplishment. This shows you have true respect for literature in the American Society and can judge between those novels that are great and those that are good.

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