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it was amazing

My debut is officially out in the world! If you decided to read it, thank you.
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C.G. Drews
“Chocolate is a substance worth existing for”
C.G. Drews, A Thousand Perfect Notes

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November 18, 2017 – Shelved

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message 1: by Bee (new) - rated it 5 stars

Bee I believe you my queen. *bows*

message 2: by Daisy (new) - added it

Daisy Paquet every time I read 'beck hates his life' I just think 'I'm a loser baby, so why dontcha kill me'.
90's music for the win. also great review xD

Jessi ❤️ H. Vojsk [if villain, why hot?] 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Definitely gonna read it!

message 4: by Tandie (new) - added it

Tandie Wow, a reader and a writer? I'm all aflutter! June is so very far away. On my list, Miss Cait!

message 5: by Katie (new) - added it

Katie Hanna <3333

message 6: by ;; (new) - rated it 5 stars

;; Can't wait to read it! I've always been curious about your books. I already know this is going to be amazing!!

message 7: by Sushi (new)

Sushi I’m so excited for you!! 💙

Sunny ✨wordslikefury✨ Waaahhhh! I'm so happy for you! This has got to be dream come true. Totally adding it to my TBR!!!

AHHHHHH For a long time I was under the impression you didn’t have a face 😂. Also just a small question.. how much does the book focus on romance? Not sure if you can answer it yet, but I was just curious.

Ps- you should have put it as “by PaperFury” because we all know that’s your *real* name.

message 10: by Kattie (new) - added it

Kattie pre-ordered! so ready to read this!

Bubbles I can't wait to read this, it sounds amazing! I'm so proud of you and im definitely reading this as soon as it comes out 😇

message 12: by oaktreereads (new) - added it

oaktreereads Oh my Gandalf!!!! I'm so happy for you and I can't wait to read it!!!!!


message 14: by Kira (new) - added it

Kira Simion Yay! I found it! xD
Can't wait to see it! :)

message 15: by Rachel (new) - added it

Rachel I love the cover Cait!! 💖

message 16: by Shelly (new) - added it

Shelly Cait, are you against the Oxford comma?? Because the book summary seems to indicate that you are and I feel betrayed. ;)

Bhairavee Chitnis Im soooo looking forward to get your book Cait!

the book and the owl Question: Why is it considered a cultural appropriation that August has dreadlocks just because she is white? I mean: this is just a god damn hairstyle? A lot of white girls have dreadlocks? I mean: Come on. I don't understand this problem at all.

message 19: by Vanessa (new)

Vanessa Who said it was cultural appropriation to use dreadlocks? Non-POC or POC? Was it the way it was written? I didn't have an ARC, so I'm just curious.

message 20: by [deleted user] (new)

guys, please. you can do a quick google search on cultural appropiation and dreadlocks and you will find your answer. cait has her reasons for changing this, whether that's readers expressing discomfort or generally being aware, so please respect her choice on that, thanks.

message 21: by Sydney (new) - added it

Sydney Whoooo!!!

message 22: by Katya (new) - added it

Katya Vinogradova Close close close close close close close close SO CLOSE to the release date!!!

message 23: by 《Maram》 (new)

《Maram》 I wish to read this book

Wendy Just submitted a purchase request at my local library!

message 25: by 《Maram》 (new)

《Maram》 This book comes out on the day I finish school. I can't wait!!!!!!

message 26: by Lalisaa (new)

Lalisaa Happy release day!!

message 27: by Katya (new) - added it

Katya Vinogradova My Kindle HAZ THE BOOK! I'm so freakin' excited!

message 28: by Lisa (new) - rated it 5 stars


message 29: by Ravenna (new)

Ravenna I'm so happy for you and excited! Can't wait to read it.

message 30: by 《Maram》 (new)

《Maram》 I NEED THIS NOW!!!!

message 31: by Emkoshka (new)

Emkoshka Congrats Cait! I love reading your cheery chatty crazy reviews and am curious to see how your bubbly personality has translated into a real-life novel. Let there be cake (and lots of sales for you)! :D

AHHHHHH CONGRATULATIONS 🎊🎉 I keep saying I’ll preorder and now it’s too late 😂. But I asked my local bookstore if they accept order requests (I’m in the U.S.) so I’m crossing my fingers they do!! I ate celebratory cereal the first thing in the moringing on the 7th, and I’m trying to see if I can make the date fruit cake soon if I can get ATPN in my hands this month. CONGRATULATIONS AGAIN 🎉🎊

message 33: by Sandra (new)

Sandra Congratulations! Looking forward to reading it. I always love your reviews (whether I agree with them or not).

message 34: by Elizabeth (new)

Elizabeth Rawls Congrats, Cait!!!

Ilona Congratulations! I got it this week, so excited to read it!

Margaret B Your book was so amazing Cait, one of my new favorites!!!!😘love you!!

Katherine okay, just finished it and loved it!! you did an amazing job capturing the complexities of emotional abuse as well as the physical pain Beck suffers. Also, August is so much like Blue Sargent in some ways that it hurts me with happiness.

Hiranmayi Absolutely loved this book! It's so cute! The writing is a different nice! The characters are so lovable! I want more of Beck and August. Totally gonna recommend it to all my friends! If this book was a person, I would've hugged it and kept it close to me 💙

queridayuki This is the most beautiful story i ever read this month 💕 thankyou for making this book ! I look forward to read more from you 💕💕

message 40: by Kate (new)

Kate Willis Congrats on your first book!!! And thank you for mentioning the trigger warnings. <3

Gracelyn Buckner This book... <3 <3 <3

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