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First of all, i'd like to thank Emlyn Chand for giving me an advance reader's copy of this novel for review. I truly appreciate it...
Along with an excerpt being posted on the 24th of October, 2011, this review will also be published on my blog on the 30th of October, for the Farsighted Blog tour. Check it out on the day for more details on how to be in with a chance of winning some prizes.

Wrapped in meaningful epigraphs, Emlyn Chand’s first published novel, Farsighted, is pieced together tactfully with multiculturalism, action, teenage romance and psychic abilities. This makes her debut one to push the typical clichés of YA paranormal fiction aside.
Yes, i’m talking about vampires.

So, what’s it about?

For teenager Alex Kosmitoras, life doesn’t just throw him the typical challenges expected during the high-school years. He was born with something that has caused him a life of fighting for acceptance-he’s blind.
Having this ‘disability’ has caused numerous obstacles for Alex, not because he longs to be able to see, but because Alex is convinced his father resents him for it, is friendless because of it and finds himself constantly targeted by the school bully. Without having a choice in the matter, Alex Kosmitoras would always stand out in the crowd, though not for the reasons he desired.

Striving for acceptance-yet fighting for independence, he goes about his daily life using his heightened senses to describe what the usual would see, except in vivid accuracy and detail. It is then on an embarrassing day for the teenager, he experiences minor visions into the future. Naturally he becomes confused between what is real and what isn’t and unfortunately this finds him on the receiving end of the school bully’s hits.

A new found struggle is unleashed when it becomes clear to Alex, all may not be entirely normal with him. What began as manageable premonitions considered coincidences, then turned into something more haunting when the visions revealed new friend and crush Simmi, dying in numerous scenarios.

Her arrival coincidental or not, Alex realises the only person he can turn to for answers and guidance is Miss Teak, the mysterious woman who has opened a psychic shop next to his mothers florist. Can she teach Alex how to harness and embrace his new found gifts? And what exactly can be done about Alexs’ revelation of new girl Simmis’ impending doom?

So, is it worth the read?

I was blown away by the originality and creativity of this novel. Emyln Chand has created such an unusual protagonist. Written in a first-person narrative, on black and white it shouldn’t work- I mean how do you bring the perspective of a blind individual’s environment and the characters around him to light without risking repetitive and limited descriptions?

But, Chand pulls it off perfectly and is tactful in her deliverance in describing the environment and characters around Alex by his other senses. I had yet to read a novel where a character’s eye colour was described and significant somewhere along the line. It wasn’t done here and i didn’t miss it whatsoever-in fact i didn’t even notice. It was easy to build a scene and picture someone by the descriptions Chand created from Alexs’ POV.

I love the way the author developed the characters and made you care for them in some way or another. Each of them was on their own personal journey and growing in their own way. Not only that, but they were flawed, making them relatable to the reader.

For me, another specific character other than Alex gripped me- Shapri- the daughter of Miss Teak. Her journey and break-through was the most plausible, not to mention her kick-ass attitude and demand for rightful respect. The love interest of Alex, Simmi, remained in her shadow when it came to distinguishable personalities. Even when Alex faced the school bully with Shapri, the outcome wasn’t necessarily a better one than Simmi’s, but it left you cheering Shapri on as she had Alex’s back in a more encouraging way.
Of course it’s disgusting anyone bullying another for being blind. I hate to say it, but i found the fact that Alex was targeted by the school jerk not such a big deal, this was only because his Alex’s character was written so strong and courageous. He defended himself. He wasn’t defined by his blindness.

Alex’s personality wasn’t all golden- there were dark moments and it wasn’t pretty- but it was believable and expected from a teenage boy, given the situation in which they arose. Had his character been all sunshine and roses it would have been far less convincing...and entertaining.

Through her story-telling it is evident the author had done her research into the range of psychic abilities, multiculturism and Greek mythology. Each chapter begins with a rune above a premonition about what the protagonist is set to face- these give such a sense of atmosphere for the entire novel and what it stands for. I enjoyed them, though would maybe see some readers out there being put off as they give hints to what the protagonist is set to face.

I find the entire novel crafted in perhaps an unintentional educational way, with hidden depth, lessons, guidance and encouragement to accept others for who they are not what they look like or where they’re from.
With a promise from the author that the sequel will be narrated by another character, i am incredibly excited to see the world-and Alex- from their POV. There are a few loose ends to Farsighted which leave room for an exciting installment and i for one cannot wait to read it.


All in all, Emlyn Chand’s debut novel is a cutting-edge and exciting addition to the YA collection. Even the novel’s cover, designed by Lee Libro, is perfection, with its ability to capture the essence of the story. Five stars from me.

I’m excited for sequel Open Heart and more excited for Chand’s upcoming success, she deserves it!
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Vicky I can't wait to start reading this :)

Rose So far it's really good! I don't know, but i think a series could be made out of it :-) ...i'll have to wait and see what the ending is like though

Vicky Yay! I read the first page when I got my ARC and it seemed really good!

Rose are you set to review 'Geek Girl' as well?

Vicky Not yet but I'm thinking about signing up :)

Rose So far i think it's good. It's on hold just now so i can just focus on Farsighted. Not enough hours in the day is there! lol

Vicky I know! I have so many books to read by the end of this month and there isn't enough time! lol

Rose i totally agree, even facebook is getting neglected lol! your blog is looking fab by the way!!

Vicky Lol yeah! Aw thanks! :) So is yours, it's getting better and better!

message 10: by Rose (new) - rated it 3 stars

Rose Just finished Farsighted- there is going to be a sequel- fan dab!
Just thought i'd let you know lol

Vicky Really?? ADFGFDSFDNJF. Great! Can't wait to read it now :)
I just finished Everything We Ever Wanted like 3 minutes ago so I'll start reading Farsighted later today :)

message 12: by Rose (new) - rated it 3 stars

Rose Yeah, i'm hoping 'Shapri' narrates the next one- you'll see what i mean. Everything we ever wanted- what's that about?

Vicky Okay :)
Here's the synopsis, I posted it on my blog a while ago: < a href="http://booksbiscuitsandtea.blogspot.c...
It's quite good - it took me some time to get into it but it's a great story.

message 14: by Rose (new) - rated it 3 stars

Rose Ok, i'll take a look :-)

message 15: by Melissa (new) - added it

Melissa Storm Wow, wow, wow! I am beyond flattered. You understood all the things I was trying to do with the book better than anyone else has so far. I'm really impressed that you were able to just nail it! Thank you for putting so much thought into it and for sharing your opinions. I definitely need to keep you on my Open Heart radar. If you start seeing news about Open Heart on the web, email me immediately for an ARC :-)

Vicky When is Open Heart coming out?

message 17: by Melissa (new) - added it

Melissa Storm Next year. Summer at the earliest. Fall at the latest. I also plan on releasing a special extended edition of Farsighted with a couple of chapters from Alex's POV that will overlap with Open Heart.

Vicky D: Oh no, that's like ages away!
Wow, that sounds awesome! O_O

message 19: by Rose (new) - rated it 3 stars

Rose Emlyn wrote: "Wow, wow, wow! I am beyond flattered. You understood all the things I was trying to do with the book better than anyone else has so far. I'm really impressed that you were able to just nail it! Tha..."

No problem, i really enjoyed it! Can't wait for the extended edition & Open Heart :-)

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