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True Colors by Kristin Hannah
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Oct 03, 2011

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bookshelves: 2011-read, americana, animals, depressing, fathers, liberry, weight, women

It's interesting, this book. I thought Firefly Lane was so well done ... So when someone mentioned they thought this one was actually her best book, I requested it from the library.

Sure, it was interesting. And sure, I read it in only a couple of sittings. But it really just felt like a romance novel to me. And there were far more characters to dislike than like, so ... it was just "meh" for me.

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Virginia Hill Whoops!

Antof9 LOL! Was it you who liked it so much? I'm totally ok with that :) I just liked "Firefly" SOOOOO much better. Not that I didn't like this one, mind you ... I just felt sad through so much more of this one than I preferred, you know?

Virginia Hill I really liked it at the time, but can't recall the specific reasons why. So, you felt more sad while reading True Colors than Firefly Lane? Wow! I DO remember crying my eyes out toward the end of Firefly, but don't recall feeling too sad while reading True Colors. It's been awhile though. I tend to read Kristin Hannah's books months or years after they've been published. I think it's because I know they will be a strain on my emotions. Well, as long as you didn't dislike it...I guess I won't regret suggesting it too much.

Antof9 Oh, please don't! I didn't dislike it -- really. And you're right; I was sobbing through parts of Firefly Lane! But I felt *more* in Firefly Lane, I think (or I remember) -- I felt less of everything in True Colors and my overall feeling was rather sad, if that makes any sense. But don't regret suggesting it! One of the things I like so much about books is even if we read the same book, we don't read the same book, you know? I'm ok with that :)

Virginia Hill Antof9 wrote: "One of the things I like so much about books is even if we read the same book, we don't read the same book, you know?..."

And, that's why ratings vary SO much, yes? I need to pay attention to my mood when choosing a book. If I don't I end up making the wrong decision and the book ends up not being finished or rated rather poorly. I wonder, do you consider your mood when choosing your next read?

Antof9 Absolutely! And I'm not always right even when I factor that in! But it definitely helps. I've ordered books from the library and then not read them for quite a while when I actually got them because I was in a different mood. It's fascinating to me how subjective books are...

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