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Dust & Decay by Jonathan Maberry
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Oct 02, 2011

it was amazing

First review of Giving me the Creeps October, so I had to go Zombies.
In my Zombies or bust faze last year (no jokes, I was really into zombies), I picked up Jonathan Maberry's debut YA novel Rot and Ruin and fell in love. So it is now the far distant future, and Dust and Decay has passed through my hot little hands to be sucked up by my eyeballs and, dare I say it? Loved even more than Rot and Ruin.

Benny Imura has it all it would seem. The hero brother who's training him to be as deadly with a sword as he is, a lovely girlfriend, friends who don't begrudge him said girlfriend and a plan to leave Mountainside once and for all, and head east to find the Jet they all saw in the Rot and Ruin. But doubts nag at him. He can't match Nix's zeal for leaving, Chong and Morgie won't come along and he's not the only one wondering if Mountainside will survive Tom leaving them. As they plunge into the Rot and Ruin on this great adventure will they find only Dust and Decay? Or something worth fighting for?

Once again Jonathan Maberry nailed it. The story was fast paced, full of great characters and took some very unexpected twists that I loved. In R& R, a lot of the horror was in the Rot and Ruin, and although Mountainside wasn't perfect (by any stretch of the imagination) it was at least safe. In Dust and Decay the cracks are starting to show, the short comings of the people who live there coupled with the darker underbelly of humanity, no matter where they live, make it clear Mountainside is no longer the place for any of them to be. At least the zom's are predictable.

Like the first book, I adored how the zombies actually become less of a threat in comparison with the regular humans. The idea the horror is really tied up in the remaining population and not the hungering zoms is creepy and Marbery capitalizes on it even more in Dust and Decay. That being said there are some fantabulous zombie scenes and hints that the zombies of book three are going to be somehow worse. Hints also abound that elements of the infection are starting to change, which hopefully means Benny's world will be tossed on its head again in book three.

An excellent middle to a really solid zombie trilogy (so far), I can't wait to hear something about book the third!

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