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War of the Worldviews by Deepak Chopra
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Oct 02, 2011

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I did enjoy this book, which was a hearty debate between a spiritualist with all the belief in the (currently) unprovable power of humanity, the secrets locked within our DNA and our own ability (and responsibility) to create the world around us; and a scientist, who is also fully supported by indisputable facts about where we come from, and the likelihood that it is all random and meaning is something we simply strive for because of our overly large brains, that have probably evolved faster than our consciousness ever had the ability to cope with, without a written manual.

I'm summing both writer's up in simple terms, because I stand with feet on both sides of this wonderful fence. Personally, I like to think that Science has much to discover, which is why I have now re-entered its realms, and that the sercrets of Spirituality have much to reveal, because really, if we don't start using both constructively, they are just wasted labels for the impotent.

Quite frankly, the planet and every species on it, is in desperate need of a miracle - and whether it comes from the impassioned heart of a scientist or the inspired one of a spiritual guru - I really don't care. We just need to find out what it is that makes some people do the right thing, and feed it, and find what it is that allows us to accept the wrong things, and starve it before we lose it all. I personally love that Science and Spirituality can have the mutual respect to have a constructive debate, without either feeling the need to kill the other for not agreeing wholeheartedly with their principle beliefs, or facts that they stand by. This alone is why this is an important book, regardless of who you need to be right!! And perhaps after all, the only real war going on in the world, is the war within.
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