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The Girl in the Lighthouse by Roxane Tepfer Sanford
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Oct 01, 2011

it was ok
bookshelves: crazy, dysfunctional-families-fiction

Okay here are the pros:

This book captivates the reader from the start. The characters unfold quiet nicely and although told from the point of view of the protagonist, who is only nine years old when the book begins, the reader is able to connect and relate to, or at least understand the other characters. The author's writing is enjoyable; descriptive, without being too wordy. The emotions are believable and raw. The scenery vivid and highly imaginable. The first half of the book is definitely a five star.

What I didn't like or didn't understand:

If you have not read the book STOP HERE. SPOILER ALERT!
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Paige where in the book does she mention sex when she is ten years old? I don't remember reading that. It is no secret she was love sick, but where is there "sexual feelings"?

message 2: by Yvette (last edited Oct 04, 2011 06:31AM) (new) - rated it 2 stars

Yvette No, she does not have sex when she is ten years old. And yes, you are right the book doesn't say "I wish to have sex," or anything that concrete. However, if you read with care, you will see what I am referring to.

I think you misunderstood that part of my review. I believe that Lillian does have sexual feelings for Heath. And although she is infatuated with him, these feelings scare her. Her fear doesn't matter though, the fact that she can speculate and ponder on these sexual thoughts (yes, they are thoughts about sex) I feel are inappropriate to her age. "On the nights that Daddy loved her...I was scared to have a man love me like that. I wouldn't want Heath to love me in that way," (Location 195-99). These are mature feelings for a ten year old girl. "I closed my eyes, leaned against the tree, and imagine Heath and I as husband and wife...When we reunited, we would be loving and passionate. He would hold me and kiss me..." (Location 2085-88) Yes, she goes on to say that she wouldn't give in to his manly desires - but no matter how you put it, these are sexual thoughts. Whether she wishes them or not, she is still having VERY adult thoughts which in my opinion is inappropriate for a prepubescent girl (child).

Not sure how old you are Paige, but as a mother, I had a huge problem with the feelings this child had and the maturity in which the author wrote about these feelings. If you are young and have no children, you probably will not understand my point of view. However, I love a great debate, so I thank you for your comment and I am happy you enjoyed the book. Being a reader is an amazing trait to have. Books are awesome.

Paige Thanks for your reply Yvette. I see it more like "puppy love" than anything with sex in her thoughts. Just the fact that she grew up with only adults I think makes her a little more grown up than most ten year olds. And there doesn't seem anything normal about her parents so that's where she might get all her unusual thoughs from. It is fun talking about books!!

Yvette Yes, it is fun :) I see your point of view and appreciate it - I just disagree..lol ;)

To me Puppy Love, especial at ten years of age, is thinking a boy is cute, being smitten, and thus finding everything the person says wonderful, daydreaming about being a couple, etc. Innocent things, especially during the 1800's when manners and propriety were so important. It's definitely not about knowing what "manly desires," are. This girl didn't even know about Santa, that's how sheltered she was. I agree that she is more mature since she was secluded and only around her parents, which is why I didn't question her inquisitive nature, and the intelligent and mature form of her speech.

Paige, I see you like YA and mystery, have your read books by Neil Shusterman? I think you would like them.

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