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Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer
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May 06, 2008

did not like it
bookshelves: wempires, y-a

Seriously, 750 PAGES of denouement? EVERYBODY gets all squared away and gets to be happy? Deus ex machina anyone? It's too easy and convenient. Bella gets to be the most FABULOUS vampire EVAR?!?! Some would argue with me that Stephenie Meyer had already jumped the shark before now, but in my opinion she didn't start REALLY breaking from the reality she had created until this fourth book. Furthermore, my favorite character, Jacob Black the werewolf, was too easily dealt with and packaged into the happy ending.

But I read all 750 pages of it because I still had to know how it ended - and that's Stephenie Meyer's gift for storytelling coming into play, even though I hated many of her choices as a writer and grumbled and sighed the whole time - seriously. Ask my husband. I grumbled and there were expletives.

I changed my mind - I give this one star instead of two. As a friend pointed out, had I thrown this book across the room, that would be 0 stars.

This was worth reading as a manual of What Not To Do, and I'm sad to see that the ending left enough open area for there to be a potential fifth book. I groan. I really hope it's over.

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