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Sep 30, 2011

really liked it
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Read in August, 2011

God, No! By Penn Jillette

"God, No!" is the irreverent, unfiltered reinterpretation of the Ten Commandments. The "Penn" Commandments takes you through Penn's personal life's experiences through the eyes of an atheist. This 256 page-book is composed of an introduction, the Ten Commandments and an afterword.

1. Be ready to be entertained. Penn's irreverent unfiltered humor is exposed for all to see.
2. Well written, fascinating and even uncomfortable to read at times, but Penn is never boring.
3. A biography of sorts. Interesting, page-turner of a book. The stories are hilarious, crude yet never malicious.
4. Some of the funniest stories I've ever read.
5. Through some of the nutty antics, there is wisdom to be found. "Being proud of yourself, your beliefs, your taste, your accomplishments, and your immediate family and friends seems sensible and right. Being proud of some imaginary group you were born into seems insane and wrong".
6. Some very interesting insight about Penn Jillette.
7. His track to atheism.
8. The love of family is palpable and admirable.
9. The secret to his success.
10. Some celebrity insight.
11. The meaning of tattoos...
12. Interesting insight. "Atheists are also morally obligated to tell the truth as we see it. We should preach and proselytize too".
13. Agnosticism versus atheism.
14. Nutty and amusing behavior..."There was a sex dungeon off the bedroom that has since been turned into a nursery (the wonderful story of my life)".
15. The truths according to Penn.
16. Political insight, "Democracy without respect for individual rights sucks.
17. Social criticism as only Penn can deliver.
18. James Randi.
19. Interesting insight about Nixon and I mean interesting.
20. His views about the Tea Party.
21. Love for Springsteen.
22. Perhaps the funniest story I've ever read and I will not spoil here.
23. And the problem with faith.

1. The crude humor and use of offensive language will put some people off.
2. Sometime rambles too much in a given story for his own good.
3. Some stories and one in particular was too uncomfortable even for an open-minded person like me.
4. Penn was on the wrong side of the global warming debate, so he wasn't on top of the happens.
5. If you are expecting an intellectual book about atheism this is not the book. This book is about the life stories of a nutty, hearty, larger than life entertainer who happens to be an atheist and a libertarian...and that's not necessarily a bad thing.
6. It's not as intellectually stimulating as I had hoped for.

In summary, this is an irreverent book at its heart and it doesn't apologize for it. Penn Jillette has lived and continues to live an interesting life and has interesting viewpoints. He's like that one intellectual nutty friend that everyone has or should have. This book is crude, gritty, but at its essence it has heart and love of life. If you can put up with some crudeness this book is an entertaining treat.

Further recommendations, of course the author's previous book, "The Atheist Camel Chronicles", "God Hates You, Hate Him Back" and “Jesus Lied" by CJ Werleman, "Your Religion Is False" by Joel Grus, and "What Do You Do with a Chocolate Jesus?" by Thomas Quinn. All these books have an irreverent tone that is similar to the book reviewed.
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