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Dance in the Vampire Bund Vol 6 by Nozomu Tamaki
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Sep 29, 2011

really liked it
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Read in September, 2011

** spoiler alert ** Volume six will probably raise eyebrows of parents just by the cover. Mina (who is depicted as a prepubescent girl, in spite of her true age as a vampire princess) is almost entirely naked. A reminder: this manga is targeted on adults, not kids or early teens.

It opens with Hamaseiji, the detective turned assassin being interrogated by Mina. However, since he did save Akira’s life last volume and wants to help him and Mina now, and since the Earth clan (werewolves) have spoken for him, Mina has to decide if she’ll spare her life.

As Akira recovers, life goes on and Mina has tried to make changes in the schools so that vampire children can attend. Her goal is peaceful coexistence and the end of prejudice, and we all know how well those goals usually turn out. We also learn that Akira’s friend (and now Mina’s) Yuki is an ecchi yaoi fanfic writer that Mina adores and has published wider than the girl attended (and the main character is an idealized Akira who is less than amused). Mina goes one step further showing Yuki all of Akira’s childhood photos.

After a breech of security, Akira finds himself suddenly reunited with his childhood partner, Angel ‘Angie’ Avenant. Mina and Angie get off on an instant wrong foot as they see each other as rivals for Akira’s affection. Working against Mina is the fact that werewolves always work in teams, partnered for life. It’s a good bit of world building and foreshadowing here in the fact that Akira has been alone for a couple years now. Angie is quick to point out that the only thing unknown to her is the number of scars Akira has accumulated in Mina’s service, a quick hit to the vampire’s faith in herself.

Soon petty jealousies are forgotten as Mina is poisoned, left fighting for her life.

In spite of the intense fan service (which was way less this volume), this remains one of the most interesting vampire/werewolf manga on the market, so long as you keep the audience age in mind.

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