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The Indwelling by Tim LaHaye
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Sep 29, 2011

it was ok

I'm not sure how I originally started on this series. I believe the 7th book was priced through B&N as a bargain so I figured I'd snag it. What I didn't know when I bought it that though it fell under a category I usually read (fantasy, sci-fi, etc... I no longer remember which) it was also classified as a christian book.

Had I known that, I more than likely would not have picked up the first six, as I do not consider myself a part of any denomination, falling between being a complete athiest and agnostic. With that said I am not ignorant to religions. I did take several world religion classes in college and though I found them interesting I never believed in them as more than, although not always good, interesting stories nonetheless.

So, do I like the series? From a purely fictional end-of-the world science fiction standpoint, yes. I found them easy reads. Were the characters memorable, no. Did it teach me things about the so called end of days, of course. Do I know how acurate it is? Not a clue.

The only issue I have with the books is when the characters postrate themselves on the floor and spew scripture. I found myself rolling my eyes and skipping those pages. Like I said I'm not a religious person, so I have no interest in people devoting their entire being, body and soul, to the big G.

If it was a little less godly and more sci-fi I would have given the books in the later series 3 stars, but I got tired of feeling like I was getting brow beaten into believing in JC and God...or else.
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