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The Audacity of Hope by Barack Obama
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it was amazing
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Barack Obama fills me with hope.

Hope for the United States, and hope for America's standing on the world stage.

This book shows the human side of a man who is running for president. He tackles many different issues from faith, race, family life, war, international relations, and politics.

All are done in a thoughtful manner.

I get the sense that when he attempts to address an issue that he truly wants to hear from all interested parties, and work to come to an accommodation that everyone can live with.

At least that is his goal from the outset.

He gave an example of a legislative accomplishment from his days in the Illinois State Senate. It was a bill that required law enforcement to videotape interrogations and confessions in capital cases. At the beginning of the process, no one gave it any chance of passing. The police unions were opposed because they thought it would interfere with their jobs, death penalty opponents were opposed to anything which might weaken their goal at abolishing executions, the legislators were skittish and didn't want to vote for something that might seem "soft on crime," and the new governor had publicly come out against it during the campaign season.

It sounded like it would be impossible to get passed. Yet, Obama felt that there was common ground. That no one wanted an innocent person ending up on death row or someone guilty of a capital crime be allowed to go free.

It was in that spirit that he began negotiations with all the various interested parties. He changed some aspects of the bill when flaws were shown, but he held firm to his principles when attempts were made to substantially alter the impact of the legislation.

At the end of the process, all parties endorsed the bill.

He credits that one of the reasons that the process worked is that they did their best to keep this out of the media.

The bill was passed unanimously and signed into law.

I like that example a lot.

I also like that he has taught Constitutional law. He has a grounding and respect in the governing documents of our democracy.

He also has a perspective that comes from his unique biography. He speaks to our hearts because he is one of us.

He is living the American Dream. He knows the power of people when they gather together in a community. He is now trying to organize more than the neighborhoods in Chicago, he is trying to organize a nation.

He has my admiration, my respect, and my vote.
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message 1: by Stephen (new)

Stephen Senator Obama fills me with fear.

Fear for America and the American Dream. For the past two centuries America has been committed to fighting for freedom and democracy around the world. Senator Obama would end this noble and good tradition and would kill the trust that other countries have in the United States.

Linda C. Wow.

I somehow do not think that the previous response to my review is in reaction to the book The Audacity of Hope by Barack Obama. Instead it seems more like a political attack. The lack of any specificity behind the mention of fear is not a persuasive argument.

Instead it is merely fearmongering by using the word fear.

Obama has spent his adult life working on behalf of others through community organizing, running a voter registration drive that netted 150,000 new voters, working as a civil rights attorney, teaching Constitutional law at the University of Chicago, and as a legislator both in the Illinois State Senate and the United States Senate.

He has a reputation of working with people of all different philosophical backgrounds in trying to create consensus for progress that will benefit everyone.

I like that a lot.

The United States needs to repair our relationships with other countries on the world stage due to the reckless policies of the Bush administration.

We need someone like Obama who is willing to listen and take others' opinions into consideration before implementing public policy directives.

We do not need someone in the Oval Office who would continue torturing suspects and engaging in international war crimes.

We are better than that as a nation. We also need to prove that to the rest of the world.

Mr. Wreeds E. Books President Obama fills me with heart burn!
"I get the sense that when he attempts to address an issue that he truly wants to hear from all interested parties, and work to come to an accommodation that everyone can live with."
Looks like your senses were dead wrong. Our founding fathers are rolling in there graves!

message 4: by Trenton (new) - added it

Trenton Truesdell I am glad that Obama is in office. He recognizes that the way we are viewed by the rest of the world is something like this: third world countries live in fear of us, and other first world countries live in mockery of us. I'm all for liberty and it would be astounding if we could all be democracies, but we need to deal with our own problems before we help others with theirs. Crime and poverty swallow the USA increasingly so every day, and Bush would have us throw resources and soldiers at another country's problems? To put it bluntly, 314 soldiers died in Iraq, and 509 died in Chicago. What we need to do is pull out of the Middle East and bring jobs back to America. If you still think Obama hasn't done a great job, remember this: Bush started three wars, and dug us into a colossal deficit with the Chinese. Before you say ‘Obama made the deficit larger’ remember that Bush was the one who started it all. Add to that that Obama killed Osama, toppled Gadhafi, didn't screw up a hurricane, and prevented the second Great Depression, and I have no clue how you cannot adore this man.

Mr. Wreeds E. Books I am going to touch on a few points here in response to your post! I will try to be brief! But I probably won't be.
"we need to deal with our own problems before we help others with theirs. Crime and poverty swallow the USA increasingly so every day, "
Under Obama's presidency, the overall poverty rate has climbed 15+%. That is approx 6.5 million more people that are now sucking in the Feds teat! This increase is devastating particuarly to minorities who share the bulk of this increase. Welfare is a trap that is VERY DIFFICULT to escape. The long term effects of this on Black Americans is exponentially greater than the long term effects of Hurricane Katrina! News Flash ! Welfare/food stamps/public housing are keeping the poor,poor and it is generational!

" To put it bluntly, 314 soldiers died in Iraq, and 509 died in Chicago."
I'm confused about this quote! First of all it's not your words, you plagiarized it from that idiot Kanye West! And are you blaming GWB for those murders?

"If you still think Obama hasn't done a great job?"
Are you implying that by this point in your post, the reader should be convinced by your argument that Obama has done a great job? I can't tell if your joking here or not! Just to be clear, You have not made any compelling argument yet, nor will you. You then proceed to further to try and prove Obama has done a great job by talking about what the previous administration has done ! How is that a measure of Obama's success? Logic does not work that way buddy! You then state that the president killed Bin Ladin ? WTF are you smoking? Navy seals killed Bin Ladin! Obama gave the final order but there is not an American (baring a few muslim extremest and pacifists) who would have done the same. The final decision was a no brainer that was good for his image, not some heroic act! The Seals were the Hero's Trenton, not the president.. But kudos to him for not blowing a golden opportunity that was handed to him on a silver platter! Him claiming credit though is so sad! Kinda a sad as you claiming credit for the words in your post!
"Killed Osama , toppled Gaddafi, didn't screw up a hurricane , prevented 2nd Great Depression "
Lol are you fucking kidding me? Your entire post is regurgitated plagiarism ! I'm not even going to bother breaking down how idiotic those statements are because you didn't write them! You stole them all from cheesy google searches! I ask any reader to google the phrases this dummy posted! you will see where he got his ENTIRE argument that he tried to pass off as his own words. This is a clear view into the mind of an Obama supporter! I feel bad for you now! Sorry Trenton! You suck! PS I'm typing from my iPhone and not going back to edit any mistakes in spelling or grammar so before you try to bring it up, I beat you to it so suck me! PPS I will read the book and be back for a review. I'm sure Audacity is a good read. I bet Trenton Hasn't read it either! Lol

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