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Solstice by P.J. Hoover
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Sep 29, 2011

it was amazing

I am a very big fan of Greek Mythology – so much so that as a kid in high school, I spent weeks making a Medusa mask out of paper, bin liners and paint. So when Solstice landed in my hands and I read the summary, I was very, very excited.

And this book did not disappoint.

We meet Piper in the middle of what could be a very real situation for us all in a few years. Austin, TX is in the middle of a global warming crisis. The temperatures are in their hundreds and there is an appointed committee trying to find ways to solve it – albeit their methods are not always the best ones. Add to that an overprotective mother who calls her numerous times a day, doesn’t let her out of her sight and definitely doesn’t allow her to see boys; and we have a female lead who is close to suffocating in more ways than one. It’s up to Chloe, Piper’s best friend, to help Piper have a bit of normality in an otherwise abnormal lifestyle. Add two very prominent males – the tall, dark and handsome Shayne; and the blue-eyed, blond-haired Reese – to Piper’s life and complicated is taken to whole other level. And when Chloe’s life is threatened, Piper discovers a whole realm of secrets that sends her life into a tailspin.

But where’s the Greek Mythology element? As Piper soon finds out, her life in Austin is far from ordinary and as Chloe is on the brink of death, Piper discovers that the Underworld and the Gods that run it are very much alive and well and fighting their own crisis. Throughout Solstice, we are introduced to some of the most well known characters of the Underworld including Charon, Minos, Cerberus, Radamanthus and of course, Hades. And without giving too much away, we also encounter some of the gods residing in Mount Olympus, some of whom are not quite what they seem.

Piper soon discovers that her connection to the Underworld is far more complex than anyone could imagine and she is the key to not only solving the global warning threat; but also the crisis that is threatening to destroy the Underworld empire. She also has to deal with the the complication of being attracted to Shayne yet unexplicably drawn to Reese, in addition to fighting against her mother’s rather extreme wishes. With three people depending on her to make a decision that could change not only her life, but the future of the ‘world’ itself, the question is, which path will she choose?

There are many elements of this book that gave me what I call an ‘OMG’ moment. I gasped at the unexpected and grinned on many occasions as the story progressed. The twists are in no way predictible, and that’s what gives this book a sense of originality in a highly populated genre. At the heart of the book is a story of love, friendship and betrayal and you don’t have to be knowledgable in the world of Greek Mythology to fall in love with the story or the characters. And like every good book with male love interests, you find yourself wondering which side you should choose – ‘To Die For’ Shayne or ‘Bronzed Adonis’ Reese. Me? I’m Team Shayne all the way.

This is a story that you will simultaneously want to devour in one day, yet savour chapter by chapter. I already have made plans to read it again and again and again.
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