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The Black Lily by Juliette Cross
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A bloody retelling of Cinderella.

Well minority here again. ✋🏼
Hides in shame. 😞

I liked the heroine and because of her I'm giving it 3 stars, She was a strong sassy woman. But too bad I can't say the same about the hero.

"Well, I do so love to be original. No sense in being part of the crowd”

A hero with a harem plus a fiancé. He's destined to marry the last vampire princess. The fiancé is not a problem since she doesn't want marry him just like he doesn't want to marry her either.
After he and the heroine shared a sexy time and he'd tasted drops of her blood, she tried to kill him too bad she didn't succeed I wouldn't have missed him to be honest. He fed from one of his 3 concubines she tried to insinuate about having sex he rejected her but he did it gently he was sweet with her, calling her sweet.

There's a scene where the blood concubine the one he drank from went to his room to offered sex he again says no but he still is sweet with her I'm not saying that he needs to manhandled her but I don't need to read how my hero is being sweet to another woman that will always put me off a book 100% guaranteed. Yes he stopped feeding from his blood harem but I was done with his ass. There was nothing that could make me like him. Nothing at all.

“sensing someone’s presence immediately, then smelling the sweet, familiar scent of his concubine.”
“He could smell her desire and hear the rapid beat of her pulse. Normally, Marius would not only appreciate such a gesture, he would take advantage, slake his thirst and his lust, then give her the passion and tender affection she craved in return.”

And then when his sweet concubine starts crying he hugs her and gives her comfort because he doesn't like to be the cause of them crying.

Get the heck out of here.
The only person he needs to comfort is the heroine. Plain and simple.

"I’ll never forget you, Larissa,” he said sincerely, cupping her cheek. “Even after I am married”

So this means he will never forget her even after he marries the heroine. Nice to know this (not).
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message 1: by Maayan (new) - added it

Maayan Lovely review sweetie!!! ❤️

message 2: by Alex ♈ (new)

Alex ♈ Great review, Leonor!
Why to hide in shame?! I can totally understand your doubts!

 Leo (Queen of the Rants) Thank you sweet ladies. Totally a bust for me.

message 4: by Fatimama (new)

Fatimama Wtf! Haha hero needs a skillet to his skull

 Leo (Queen of the Rants) Yeah, he most definitely does. I would be happy to hit him with it. 😬

message 6: by Cyndi (new) - added it

Cyndi What the heck? He will never forget his sweet concubine? Gross!

 Leo (Queen of the Rants) Cyndi wrote: "What the heck? He will never forget his sweet concubine? Gross!"

I was disgustedly disappointed in this hero.

Susani Great review Leonor! Yikes - I had totally missed the line of the "sweet, familiar scent of his concubine" *gag* That would have set me off and I would have taken a very different view on the rest of the hero's actions/thoughts throughout the rest of the book...

 Leo (Queen of the Rants) Thank you Susani, yeah that line and how he was sweet with her made me not like him and I just couldn’t warm up to him. 😞

Deborah Nice honest review Leonor ❤️

 Leo (Queen of the Rants) Thank you Deborah! 😘

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