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Floors by Patrick Carman
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Sep 28, 2011

really liked it

These kind of omniscient-POV, anazingly, crazily imaginative middle-grade fantasies (and they're always MG. Always. Don't even try to argue) rock my world. The Pinball Room, for example: the floor is slanted, the flippers are couches and the balls are as big as bowling balls. Then there's the Cake Room, which always needs A/C or else there'll be a "frosting disaster". So. Awesome.

The omniscient point of view is extremely helpful in developing the protagonist and supporting characters. Leo, a curious, adventurous and sometimes easily frustrated boy, is a real, flawed boy; Remi, the bell boy, sparkles with his enthusiasm and over-eagerness, and the way the two boys learn from each other is so endearing. The rest of the Whippet staff and even the rich guests grow on the reader just as easily, save for Ms. Sparks, perhaps. Her shades of evil are painted a little too dark -- a caricature of a villain.

Floors doesn't lack for touching moments, though the first comes a little too early to make a real impact. The imagination infused in the world-building -- because the Whippet Hotel really is a world of its own -- is practically genius. Seriously, it's like Charlie & the Chocolate Factory meets Hotel for Dogs (only for ducks!).

And the epic reveal at the end, of identities and true homes and families, is exactly in keeping with the rest of the novel -- fabulous, touching and immensely satisfying all at the same time.

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