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Buffy the Vampire Slayer by Joss Whedon
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Sep 28, 2011

it was ok

So, when I finally found out that there was a comic version of Buffy under the supervision of Joss Whedon, I was kinda excited. Having read some of the comics not under his supervision and been less than impressed, I'd hoped if he had his fingers in the pie, I'd get the storylines I'd come to expect, witty banter, you know. All the good stuff.

Well, okay. There was that. Unfortunately, I'm not sure what didn't grab me but I remember reading halfway through the book, saying, "Meh," and returning to the very goofy dog murder mystery that I'd set aside to read BtVS.

Buffy, Xander and Willow are in the story and of course, play prominent roles. There are Slayers everywhere. Dawn...might as well not exist, as far as her storyline goes (and I think that was part of what irritated me, I remember Dawn in Season 7 being far more proactive than what we see in this comic). No mention of Faith. Just a little tiny bit of Giles. Three or four of the new Slayers are showcased (one the, no, that's spoilers, if you don't know that part yet). A couple of old villains. The military. An incredibly brief cameo dream shot of Angel and Spike. Oh, and Ethan Rayne.

The first four sections focus specifically on the Scoobies which, understandable. The last section focuses on another Slayer entirely. This story made up for the bad taste left in my mouth by the previous four chapters. That's the storytelling I'm looking for, Joss.

Just so you know.
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