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Christmas at the Candied Apple Café by Katherine Garbera
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I DNF'd this book at 31%

I got a free copy of this book through Netgalley and voluntarily reviewed it.

The pretty cover and the main character who owned a café was what grabbed my attention when I first heard of this book. Unfortunately when I started reading the book didn't grab my attention. I kept reading, hoping I would get into the story more once I got further in the book, but at 31% I decided to DNF. I just wasn't enthusiastic about reading the book and while it might get a 3 star rating if I finished, I just didn't feel like this was a book for me.

I struggled with the writing style for this book, for some reason it just didn't click with me. The writing felt clunky at times, it was confusing at other times and the story just didn't feel like it ran smoothly. Too much details in one place and not enough in another. There were scenes where some small pieces of information seemed to be missing and it just didn't read right to me.

There was also an issue with the main character brother being called Nico sometimes and other times Theo. Although the copy I received was an ARC, so I hope that will be fixed in the final version. On the topic of her brother, I felt like there was a bunch of backstory there. But more in the sense that it felt like there could've been a whole book before this one about his romance. But as far as I know this is a standalone. And for a standalone I would've liked a bit more depth into her emotions and details so I could get a better grip on what happened. She seemed upset with her brother, but I didn't really feel it.

I liked the ideas of the characters, but never felt like I fully connected with them. I seemed unable to care about them and that made it hard to get into the book. I felt like I never fully got to know Iona, we did got these pieces of information, but I never really felt like I got insight in what she really felt or thought. I often like kids in books, but Sofia sounded like an adult to me most of the book and I had hoped to like her more than I did. Mads was still mourning the loss of his wife, which just made me sad and I didn't feel his romance with Iona.

I also had trouble visualizing the café and other settings. I wouldn't have minded a bit more description. Another thing that still puzzles me is why the café is called the Candied Apple Café as they mostly sell chocolates, but that might be something that gets revealed later in the book. I did like the idea of the café and how the main character was responsible for the marketing.

To summarize: Sadly this book didn't work out for me. I decided to DNF the book at 31% as I didn't really feel enthusiastic about reading anymore and didn't care about the characters or what happened next. I didn't feel the Christmas magic or the city come alive. I was unable to visualize the café or the setting. The writing style didn't work for me, some scenes didn't read smoothly to me and in other scenes I felt like some additional details or information could've been added to make it read smoother. I liked the idea of this book and the characters, but it didn't come alive for me and I didn't care about the characters or felt their romance. I don't think it's a bad book, but it just didn't work for me.
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