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The Elder Gods by David Eddings
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May 04, 2008

did not like it

This is, bar none, the worst book I've ever read in my entire life, and I honestly don't think anything will surpass it.

I absolutely loved Eddings in the Belgariad and Mallorean, which entertained me at the age of 13. And years later, at the age of 16, I read his Elenium and Tamuli, which proved refreshingly witty, daringly exciting and much darker, quite suitable for my adolescent stage.

So when Eddings came out with a new series, I thought it would be more of the same greatness. If anything, he was older, so I figured it would be polished.

It wasn't.

The main idea of the book is literally restated, in pages long explanation, countless times throughout the book. The characters are boring copies of the same character's we've seen before, only they lack the wit of classic Eddings, and prove themselves to be predictable and boring.

Many of the characters are deities and solve ridiculously complex tasks in an instant. There's no challenge. There's no rivalry. Everyone gets along and does exactly what everyone wants them to. And they always succeed. There's no conflict except for the overlying one, and it never even rears its' head.

The entire book is written in a juvenile, happy fashion. Eddings' wit is gone and his characters and plot are heavily flawed to the point where I honestly can't imagine anyone deriving any sort of true enjoyment from this book.

Eddings is not a bad author, and if you're interesting in his works I recommend The Diamond Throne to get you introduced, but this is a deplorable stain on his works, and is best left forever unread by anyone.

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Andrew There is three other books in the series that provide a lot more gurth to the storyline. In fact if you would have continued you would've found out that all the the people don't ''get along.'' I recommend you read the others and I bet you will like it quite a bit more as the series in whole.

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