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As She Fades by Abbi Glines
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I have taken sort of a sabbatical reading YA this month, and of course I broke the sabbatical by reading some puerile garbage.

To be fair, I would say that for the most part As She Fades is a fairly insipid YA/NA book. However, it has one dumb ass twist that I didn’t even really see as relevant to the book. It’s saving grace though was that it’s mercifully short.

Going into this one, I sort of knew that there was a high likelihood that I would hate it. While I have a penchant for contemporary romance, I know that there is a high likelihood for shit when I read it. Abi Glines books especially. I have her Field Party series on my shelves, but after the first one they have been sitting there collecting dust. But I figure one day I’ll get to them (i.e. sometimes I like reading trash).

As She Fades was a standalone that came out earlier in spring 2018, the blurb interested me because it sort of had a While You Were Sleeping storyline only turns out the book wasn’t like that.

First of all, the book relied heavily on exhausted tropes such as the “Mean Girl” “Man Whore with Heart of Gold” and “Squeaky Clean But Bad Boyfriend”

Can you say gag me?

To be fair, these tropes can be done correctly. Not that they’re often done correctly, but when done correctly it can make a story engaging. I wasn’t engaged when reading this. In fact, I just started skimming after awhile.

The general setup is weak at best. The blurb makes it seem like What’s-Hear-Face (Vale-I had to look that up) and Crawford had this amazing relationship. However, other than being told how in love Vale is with Crawford we really don’t see them interact. Even after the book gets sort of weird.

As for the obvious love interest Slate all I know is that he’s a man whore, has a dying uncle, and is named after a rock.

I just really didn’t care for this one. Even after reading it, I’m trying to figure out the purpose of that twist. It made half of the story irrelevant. I get having it in there for shock and awe and all that jazz, but what was the point other than that? It didn’t add to anything, it was only usually referenced in a sort of flippant fashion.


Was this the worst thing that I ever read? Hell no. It was bland and banal and stupid. There were also some mildly offensive things said in the book too. For example, at one point in the novel, the character gets a job at a Hooters type of restaurant and states that the outfit is offensive. She is told to suck it up and show her ass because she’ll get decent tips. And then the entire thing is dropped.

Okay, that’s not the dialogue verbatim, but that’s pretty much how the scene plays out. To say the least I was disgusted with the justification of this. Or for that matter why it was even included in there in the first place.

But again, I’ve read way worse YA. Which seriously has me wondering about the choices I’ve been making in my reading to be desensitized so much.

Regardless, I don’t recommend this one even as a guilty pleasure. It is poorly written, and quite honestly it sucks.
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26.1% ""Mae told me not to complain-the outfit helped with the tips. I was thankful that I had a job and that I was getting work with my friend."

Essentially this is to justify the bootie shorts and tight shirt that the MC is required to wear for her job. WTF!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!"
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56.62% "Yep, pretty much as suspected: garbage. The good news is I can get it off of my shelf today and into the giveaway bend."
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80.51% "So the big twist, really didn't add anything to the story. Just made it a disjointed hot mess. This is going in the bin for sure."
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