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Dear Mr. Henshaw by Beverly Cleary
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Sep 26, 2011

it was amazing

1. Contemporary Realism
2. Leigh Botts is a young boy who would one day love to become an author. As a child he read one story by his favorite author, Mr. Henshaw. Through the years of growing up Leigh corresponds with Mr. Henshaw and becomes the person he is supposed to be.
3. a: This story is strong in representing the emotion of the character. Leigh feels alone in a world where his family has be sepreted by divorce he clings to his letters to Henshaw as well as his journal. Expression is a huge factor found within this story.
b: The story is really good at showing the transition of the writing for Leigh. He is using expressive language to Mr. Henshaw and being very blunt about his responses. He states that he is a disgusted reader, your ex-friend, or even your pooped reader. He states how he feels just like a child would. He is very childish in his responses to Mr. Henshaw but it allows students to become relateable to Leigh.
c: One of my favorite lines from Leigh is when Mr. Henshaw asks Leigh questions about his own life. "Why should I call you "dear", when youa re the reason I'm stuck with all this work?" pg. 18. Leigh is angry that Mr. Henshaw is asking him questions about his own life. Even though it is helpful for Leigh to become a writer. "There, Mr. Henshaw. That's the end of your crummy questions. I hope you are satisfied for making me do all this extra work. Fooey on you, Leigh Botts." pg 30. Leigh is straight forward with his feelings about how he feels to Mr. Henshaw. Mr. Henshaw helps Leigh develop into the person he should be. He learns how to express himself through writing and work through the things that are ''crummy" in his life.
4. This is a good book to use to show how to letter write or even just the importance of journal writing. You could show the students how Leigh had issues with just writing. However, the more he wrote the better he became.

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