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A Charm of Finches by Suanne Laqueur
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Oct 18, 2017

it was amazing
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MY BEST OF 2017 - Full review to come

This story is everything. Everything I can possibly hope for when I open a book and wish for an escape, genuine characters, an heartbreaking story and although not a romance, the most romantic gestures and acts of kindness I've been given to read in a long time if not ever. This book is LIFE and brings out the best and the worst of it : the grit, ordeals, hurts, sorrow, joy and happiness. You can feel the amount of care, love, and dedication the author poured into it.

Suanne Laqueur brings awareness to a very sensible and traumatic topic with a touching sincerity an raw honesty. Not an easy task in any case, but the author ingeniously lays out an intricate and fascinating puzzle, following Geno Caan, a young rape survivor teenager, Javier Landes, an former male escort now successful author andSteffen Finch, art therapist working with male abused victims.

I can't simply explain to you how exactly these 3 men's paths will eventually cross and merge, that would be diminishing and misleading, but I will only point out to that the love transpiring from their link is what really shines through the book and it really feels like a gift.

The amount of realism, force and beauty Suanne Laqueur insufflates to her characters is once again uncanny. I'm always strucked by how real the people in her books can get, how real I want them to be and A Charm Of Finches just set the bar higher than ever.
It's not everyday you want to reach through the pages of your current book and give a character a hug, feel the need to actually comfort him. Help him. Or just outwardly sigh your contentment to "just" read them having a casual conversation or exchanging glances. She makes them that real for the reader.
Every personnage is meticulously crafted with so much care, attention to detail you'll with no doubt want them to have their own book. So much so I can't bring myself to call them secondary characters. Everyone is treated with the same integrity under Suanne Laqueur's pen.

Nothing feels contrived in her way to deliver her tale, she doesn't shy away from precarious grounds, she gives the reader everything, visceraly shaking any notions of safety and riping you apart, making you numb with pain, only to allow you to feel again little by little, handling you with gentle care, shadowing Geno's path toward reconstruction.

By all accounts the most emotional and beautiful story I've read this year. I cried a lot reading A Charm of Finches, I cried for every sad and hurts the characters got through, Geno, Stav, Javier, Micah, Lilia... but I also cried for their joys and happiness. This book, although addressing a very serious subject, was the most UPLIFTING ever. A Charm Of Finches is riddled with quirks and hilarious puns, jokes and also general culture trivia.

Pertinent and powerful and most of all BEAUTIFUL, I cannot recommend this book enough. If you are a romance reader, you'll feel touched at some level but do not expect to be cuddled into something sweet and fluffy.
This is the next level. This is real LIFE romance. It gives you the dark and gritty, NO DRAMA, no contrived angst, just real honest people you want to see happy in the end. And yes, this book ends with an HEA. So here you go. Take a chance on a new author, I promise you won't regret giving Suanne Laqueur a try.

My favorite read of 2017.
My favorite read by Suanne Laqueur.
Assuredly on my favorite bookshelf ever.

**October 18th**
Here we are again... Time to entrust my heart to Suanne's care for better or for worst...
Whatever the outcome I know I'll end up shaken to my core! I missed Javier!

Arc received in exchange for a review.
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Deanna❤Pink Lady❤️ Fabulous review my dear ❤️

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Mo Great review.

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