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How The Warrior Claimed by Nicole René
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“I’m going to be the man who claims you, even if I have to kill every other who tries to stand in my way.”

Eeep!!! HOW THE WARRIOR CLAIMED, a dark historical romance chock full of thrilling excitement, soul-burning obsession, blistering emotional intensity and torrid passion, was one E.P.I.C adventure!!! This is my first book by the extraordinarily gifted Nicole René and it WILL.NOT. BE. THE. LAST!

Though it's closely connected to the author’s previous Falling Warriors title, HOW THE WARRIOR FELL, it can definitely be read as a standalone. In essence, this is the tale of a wickedly sexy Izayges warrior who vehemently sets out to stake a claim on the object of his desire. Even though Namoriee, a painfully withdrawn servant girl, is far too young for Tyronian,, her fate was sealed from the moment he first locked eyes on her. But he had to bide his time until she came of age.

"She started to grow up, and men took notice. Him included. His protectiveness became possessiveness. His want became need. His lust became . . . something far more powerful."

Tyronian could hardly wait for that day to come when she would be his--forever--whether she liked it or not! Now two winters later, that fateful day has finally arrived and he has secured permission to wed her by his cousin Xavier, the legendary chief of the Izayges tribe. Except there is just one itty bitty problem: The bride to be, the beautiful and timid yet infuriatingly strong-willed Namoriee refuses to be his betrothed! For every time she is in the big, formidable warrior’s presence, she QUAKES with fear, QUIVERS with traitorous desire, and CANNOT CONTAIN the jumble of confusing emotions he arouses in her!

"He made her lose her head, and his touch heated her nerve-endings like fire while her heart froze like ice."

Known as the village mute who is scared of her own shadow, her ardent suitor petrified and titillated Namoriee in equal measure, and she cannot possibly do his bidding! After all, how can this lowly handmaiden ever be worthy of this big, handsome, noble-hearted warrior?? And how DARE he rob her of her choices, her own free will!

Oh how I cherished HOW THE WARRIOR CLAIMED!! This dark and scintillating romance electrified my senses and was so thrillingly addictive, it left me breathless!

Nicole René is a SPELLBINDING storyteller and I felt as if I was transported from modern day society to an ancient tribal village! I was transfixed by the rich culture, primitive customs and age old traditions of the royal Izayges clan and it felt like I was watching a movie play out with all the high stakes melodrama, sinful debauchery and pulse pounding peril that ensued. She also did an exemplary job of juxtaposing pivotal flashbacks from the protagonists’ tumultuous pasts to advance their present story, which added depth and complexity to this saga! I also enjoyed the ancillary storylines, particularly Leawyn/ Xavier’s volatile marriage (the couple featured in HOW THE WARRIOR FELL), the budding romance between young warrior Castic and his childhood friend, Garnette, and of course I am GIDDILY anticipating that devilish scoundrel “Tristan’s!” story!

As for the central romance, Tyronian and his reluctant bride have EXPLOSIVE chemistry and their combustible attraction set my heart aflame!!!!! Their encounters are scorching hot, and there is fiery discord and palpable push-pull throughout as he forcibly tries to break down her walls and get her to submit to his wicked desires!

“Don’t ever tell me no, Namoriee. It makes me want to make you scream ‘yes.’”

The heroine’s emotional transformation throughout the story was fascinating! She has not had an easy life, struggles with feelings of inadequacy, and when we first meet her she is depicted as a severely oppressed, meek, young servant girl who speaks with a “shameful” stutter. But as the story progresses, she gains confidence--and a backbone!— and slowly but surely blossoms into a beautiful, strong woman who holds her head high! The kind of woman that her adoring husband ALWAYS saw in her!

And OMG Tyronian was such a MIGHTY warrior! Brazenly sexy, powerfully dominant, and utterly fearless, this big, handsome brute left me all aquiver! He could be rough and demanding and merciless, but he had a chivalrous, exquisitely sweet and swoony side too. I truly delighted in how FEROCIOUSLY he loved, worshipped and doted on his headstrong bride!

Speaking of stubborn ladies, despite her admirable traits, which I exalted on above, I did admittedly struggle to connect with Namoriee at times because it took her SO DARN LONG to warm to the hero. Poor besotted Tyronian had to jump through hoops to gain her affection! Though her reasons for keeping her overbearing husband at arm’s length were understandable, I wish she had not spent the majority of the story resenting Tyronian and fighting her feelings for him. But sighhh when she finally surrendered it was PURE BLISS!

FINAL THOUGHTS: If you covet a lusty dark historical romance rife with smoldering interludes, heart palpitating drama and thrilling adventure, you will fall head over heels in love with HOW THE WARRIOR CLAIMED!
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Nicole René Thank you so much! I don't know why I didn't see this review earlier. You're amazing! So glad you liked it <3

EpicRomanceReviews Thank you so much!❤️ It was an awesome read!

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