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Enchanters by K.F. Bradshaw
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really liked it
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The @sapphicbookclub’s October read! We got the book for free to read&discuss. In addition, here’s my review of Enchanters:

Well, I am delighted!
When I pick up high fantasy, I do so with a level of healthy skepticism; it’s a genre I’ve had quite enough of, especially in the form which seems most celebrated – a creative repeat of LoTR.

This was nothing of the sort!

The storytelling voice was engaging, it was light but not so much that it’d lose your attention. Surprises awaited at every corner, while the world building was woven in between the adventures masterfully. The final battle and the main quest were described in just the right dynamic way to speed up your heartbeat.

If I have one criticism of the voice, it’ll be that once or twice it was hard to get scared for the characters when it was obvious some level of worry should exist. A change of POV or the right type of reaction from the characters would have fixed that.

It didn’t however affect the overall enjoyment – just made me pause at those two scenes for a moment.

The characters were introduced one at a time, which really helped in terms of connecting with them. I ended up caring about each and every one of them: caring that they found what they were looking for on this quest. Interestingly, they were all strangers, but by the end there was a healthy dose of camaraderie which felt genuine and sweet.

Having so many women characters on the page was so rewarding! There was a rich collection of personalities, as well as a fantastic diversity in dynamics.

What I could offer as criticism, is the character descriptions. They were vague to say the least, which left the reader with the impression of an overwhelming… Caucasian-ness. Which, the author has stated, is not the case.

And to those readers who are here for the wlw:
It did not let down! :) Cassie and Andrea have funny, teasing interactions throughout the book; in my opinion, the progress to –something more—happened very naturally, given their circumstances. There was some tension, some flirting, some misunderstanding. But mostly, two girls finding out their troubles have brought them closer.

Overall, I found this book to be a fresh take on high fantasy, with just the right amount of world building, a perfect collection of interesting characters, and a healthy dose of Rainbow representation!
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October 13, 2017 – Started Reading
October 13, 2017 – Shelved
October 13, 2017 –
page 5
0.94% "I'm doing this with the @sapphicbookclub as our October Book. Find us on tumblr and join us for exciting wlw finds!"
October 13, 2017 –
page 6
1.12% "You know, it is wonderful and important when high fantasy authors find the right powerful names for events/fortresses/legends. It immediately _grabs me_!"
October 13, 2017 –
page 7
1.31% "Greed is the most realistic human trait and this author knows it. Let's talk about what "you lose magic when you crave too much power," really means!"
October 13, 2017 –
page 11
2.06% "I have a feeling we have the usual case of "protecting children by not telling tem what they need to know" - the most infuriating trope for my unsolved teen issues. Good side: i immediately relate to the protagonist."
October 13, 2017 –
page 16
3.0% "Some repetitions here and there which need cleaning up. Nothing too distracting."
October 14, 2017 –
page 36
6.74% "Yep I dislike controlling/ senselessly restrictive parents. Best hope would be if this book doesn't do the 'but they loved me so it's okay and i forgive them because i should". Fingers crossed."
October 14, 2017 –
page 39
7.3% "Girls getting women as mentors is one of my favourite things ^^"
October 15, 2017 –
page 43
8.05% "In typical books Meredith would be the evil sorceress who is only pretending Richard is her husband but is trying to save him because Magic Secret (TM)."
October 15, 2017 –
page 52
9.74% "The amount of women in this book pleases me. All the women!"
October 15, 2017 –
page 53
9.93% "Wait what. Plot twist. Is this time travel? Alternative universes?? What sorcery is thiiiiiiis"
October 15, 2017 –
page 67
12.55% "as we all should know, the word female belongs in biology textbooks"
October 15, 2017 –
page 86
16.1% "Who knew that all I ever needed was for 21st century sarcasm to meet a Middle Ages styled world xd"
October 15, 2017 – Shelved as: lgbt
October 15, 2017 – Shelved as: sci-fi-fantasy
October 15, 2017 –
page 87
16.29% "Somebody is stealing magic I can tell. Greed strikes again."
October 15, 2017 –
page 152
28.46% "there has been a sufficient amount of blushing and sweet flirting so far ^^"
October 17, 2017 –
page 229
42.88% "there's a mud fight!"
October 17, 2017 –
page 259
48.5% "So Elisa is everybody's grumpy aunt and she is going to take care of all her confused magic children"
October 17, 2017 –
page 275
51.5% "By the way, the amount of women on the page has been increasing and I have only gotten happier"
October 20, 2017 –
page 301
56.37% "I am not necessarily happy with Cassie excusing the behavior of Andrea's dad. No measure of worry justifies taking away your kid's right to choose. Or a parent responding with hate over a kid being born a certain way."
October 20, 2017 –
page 304
56.93% "Yh no I'm on Andrea's side here"
October 20, 2017 –
page 312
58.43% "Fantastic Diana plot twist just in time!"
October 20, 2017 –
page 316
59.18% "I will always and forever be suspicious of the uncles"
October 21, 2017 –
page 319
59.74% "I am still unsure why is Ithmeera pursuing this course of action: when doesn't seem particularly ambitious. Something is up here..."
October 21, 2017 –
page 321
60.11% "I question the sanity of all characters who think cool weather is better than warm one. Fools."
October 21, 2017 –
page 337
63.11% "Not at all a bad representation of how messy a battle is. well done."
October 22, 2017 –
page 401
75.09% ""Fire" is a command which comes with the invention of gunpowder and firearms. It didn't seem this world had any, so it would be more like "release" or something."
October 22, 2017 –
page 412
77.15% "it'll kill us but trust me, it'll be fun xd Cassie, this is why you are my favourite"
October 22, 2017 –
page 441
82.58% "I do not appreciate the return of Meredith. She needs to chill. Also, stay away from Kye. :/"
October 22, 2017 –
page 468
87.64% "I'm totally excited for the gang all going to Rhyad but by the amount of pgs left I reckon that would be happening in book 2."
October 22, 2017 –
page 471
88.2% "I need these gay fools to start saying the word "girlfriend" about each other xd"
October 22, 2017 –
page 500
93.63% "I was wrong. There was time for Rhyad and it was EPIC"
October 22, 2017 –
page 530
99.25% "Finally the characters developed sense and called out winter for the freezing monstrosity it is"
October 22, 2017 –
page 534
100.0% "aaah a nice good last page plot twist - love those"
October 22, 2017 – Finished Reading

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