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Ghost of a Smile by Simon R. Green
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Sep 25, 2011

it was ok

The first book in this series was a nice read, but lacked feeling. As this sometimes can happen with first books in a series I decided to give book 2, Ghost of a Smile, a chance.

First thing that I ran across: It felt very formulaic.

It started with a first chapter in which our heroes through wit manage to stop a haunting, just like in book 1. In chapter two they are send on their 'real' investigation, just like in book 1. I will confess that alone almost made me put down the book, but I tried to ignore this and soldiered on.

Sadly enough the book did have the same flaws as book 1: the problems the characters run into are too huge for me to be believable, screaming 'DOOM' and 'The end of the world is nigh'. Maybe other people like this, but I like a bit of subtlety. I disliked it especially as the story is intriguing and could so easily have done without the added 'end of the world' threat. And I got really annoyed by the characters who kept snarking at each other. Even when cornered and while they should pay attention to what was coming at them, they had time for snarky conversations. Lucky for them the monsters were kind enough to wait till they stopped griping at each other.

All in all I was disappointed by this book and I will not pick up the next book in this series.

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