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Don't Mess with Texas by Christie Craig
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Sep 24, 2011

it was amazing
Read from September 23 to 24, 2011

My Review:
This book had absolutely everything that I love in contemporary romance! It was fun. It was entertaining. It was suspenseful. It had a wonderful story line. It had wonderful characters. It even had an amazing sub-story that moved me to tears. Wow! I loved this book!!!

This book is the first book in a trilogy about three former cops: Dallas, Tyler, and Austin, who started a PI business after they were framed for murder and spent 16 months in prison, unjustly accused before the facts came out. Their goal with the business is to eventually get revenge on the drug dealer that framed them, but also to help others find justice when they are unjustly accused. One of those unjustly accused just happens to be Nikki, who is being accused of killing her ex-husband, who was found dead in her trunk. The cop investigating the murder is Tony, Dallas' brother. They were eating dinner together when the call came in and just happened to be eating at a restaurant next door to the store where Nikki discovered Jack in her trunk.

The story line in this book builds and twists and bends, but at the heart of it, is a fabulous romance. I loved both Nikki and Dallas. These are two divorcee's who have been burned by love and neither one of them want to ever go through that again, so they both have big-time commitment issues. BUT they can't resist when their sexual chemistry becomes combustible, especially since they are living together for Nikki's safety.

This book is one full of characters that make it charming and irresistable:

*Dallas, Tyler, and Austin- these guys went to jail for 16 months. Can you imagine that as cops? OMG, and they are more than a little bitter about it, but it has created a bond between the three of them that is unshakable, no matter how much hell they give each other.

*Nikki- Nikki is scarred after being abandoned by her parents to a grandmother that wasn't even related to her and by a husband who couldn't keep his dick in his pants. She's an artist and owns a gallery, but is barely keeping her head above water financially.

*Tony- Dallas' brother and the detective on Nikki's case. He's a hard-nosed cop trying to get to the truth, but all the evidence is pointing at Nikki as the killer. He is also dealing with the loss of his wife who he has been estranged from for 9 months, LeAnn. Their story was emotional and heart-rending. OMG, I bawled at the end of their story.

*Nikki's grandmother and her crew- This elderly group is doing a play of Annie Oakly. Nikki's grandmother is Annie and she is a character. So funny and so sweet. She was an amazing addition to the story.

*Ellen- Nikki's employee and best friend who is also stabbed the night Jack is murdered. I LOVED her esp. when she was doped up on morphine...OMG, so freaking funny!

*Bud- Dallas' gassy dog who likes to sleep in the coffin that was left behind in their offices. He was always great to provide a bit of a silly funny into the story.

Really, this was just an amazingly fun story. I laughed. I definitely cried. I had no idea who the bad guy was. It kept me guessing and it most definitely kept me entertained. I love that it is set in Texas and that the three guys are named after Texas towns. My ONLY complaint that I have about this book is that the next one isn't out for another year, Blame It On Texas, out Sept, 2012. *whining*
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Suzie Quint okay. You sold me. It's going on my TBP.

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