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What If It's Us by Becky Albertalli
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really liked it
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Read 2 times. Last read October 14, 2018.

2nd Read | Oct 2018

Honestly this book is so adorable and makes me laugh so much and then makes me directly attempt to throw myself into the void. Which is a skill. I acknowledge this skill. I admit that firstly (1) I said "ooh I'll review this later!" and forgot everything about it of ever, so I needed to reread, and (2) I still have thoroughly dissatisfied feelings about the ending.

It's like, I'm just going to find some fanfic that fixes the epilogue?? good idea I should say so.

So first of: acknowledgement that THIS IS A DREAM COLLAB TEAM.
I also liked reading their bio in the finished copy that said they were collabing on this like right after their debuts sold!!!! They are so amazing!! I love both authors a lot and Simon Vs (Albertalli's) and History Is All You Left Me (Silvera's) are two of my all-time favourite books afjdkslad. Their signature styles and quirks were STRONG here and I loved it.

It's a story that is hugely character-centric, aka liiiiiving for this. I totally felt caught up in Ben/Arthur's lives SO FAST. And I think they wobble so gracefully on that delicate line of both being little asshats and having tremendous growth. mY HEART.

ARTHUR: The actual most hyper kid ever with zero chill. I mean, seriously, he can't shut up, he is on speed 10000 at all times, he's freaking hilarious. I love !! Arthur!! (UntIL tHE enD but shh). It was frustrating how he was so so jealous of Ben and so easily jumped down his throat though. But the kid is 16. When I was 16 I was immature and deluded and jealous and also had never eaten a churro. So I think Arthur could be grit-your-teeth-frustrating, but he was so sweet and energetic and adorable. I have a weakness for characters with no chill.
BEN: He is the softest introvert™ and just the fact that he loves living in his head, playing Sims and writing fantasy novels, afjdksald it just makes me really connect to him. I absolutely think it was too early for him to get into a relationship after 2 weeks-post break up with Hudson but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ the universe decreed apparently. But seriously Ben stole my heart and I adore him.

THESE TWO. Seriously the characters were incredible and just leapt off the page. With the most hysterical banter?! I was busting out laughing.

Plus I did really like the secondary characters!! Dylan reminded me of someone who faceplanted out of a John Green novel. And tbh the themes of "friendship breakups" were explored in such detail here. I think that's so important. Like ok there is plenty of romance (it is 80% romance) but how many of us have been teens and experienced a really horrible friendship breakup?! Because I sure have and I still think about it 7 years later so 😭I wish more books would explore this.

I do think this is a Quiet YA story. And I did like that about it. The world is about BEN and ARTHUR and their universes collide, but the entire universe doesn't change. Just them. And I appreciate that! I know it's very very romantic, but it was adorakable. And it wasn't a "perfect" romance which made me ship it harder.

Omg but I do have to blurt spoilers...
(view spoiler)

Do I like it?! It is soft and sweet and entirely captivatingly written = SO YES I DO LIKE IT. Maybe the ending leaves me annoyed, but the rest makes up for it. Like the writing just draws you in and the characters utterly steal hearts. I can't even. This book has so little chill I love that.

"Jesus, Arthur. You realise I spend nintey-nine percent of my time writing about wizards and playing, The Sims, right?"
"I know."
"You just have no filter, do you?"

When I'm out in the hallway, I text Arthur back. Everything is good. Dylan is very Dylan. I take a deep breath. I really want to see you. Can I meet you somewhere?
My phone buzzes.
Yeah, I'll meet you in the waiting area in ten seconds. Don't be late.
I look up.
There he is.

ffssss I ship it dammit

1st Read | May 2018

It's waaay too early for a review (I'M SORRY BUT I COULDN'T NOT READ IT THO) so I'm just going to smush some really small thoughts together and then come back and review it properly in October!

☆ this book is SUPER CUTE
☆ like think of cute --> and then double it
☆ there are easter eggs to Becky and Adam's other books and I diED I love that so much
☆ honestly it's SO Becky and SO Adam omg
☆ it's gaaaaay
☆ I actually laughed out loud so much my dog got offended
☆ it sadly didn't feel very dimensional or complex tho
☆ and...um...unfortunately I really hated the ending ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ (not in a "feels damaged" way...in a "I'm annoyed and wish the epilogue didn't exist" way lol lol forgive me
☆ I still enjoyed myself a lot ahhhh
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33.0% "this is SO freaking cute I can't even 😍"
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53.0% "omgggg THERE ARE REFERENCES (!!!) I swear they are and I'm not just reading into it!?? But Adam's character references a scene in History Is All You Left Me. And Becky's character sooo references the Love Simon movie. 😍😂This makes me ridiculously happy."
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57.37% "I am legit rereading this already because I didn't review it the first time and I've already forgotten everything.

October 14, 2018 –
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91.07% "Arthur: Ok read this card...what about US?
Ben: um what about America???
Arthur: no ben
Arthur: omg us. you and me. us.
Arthur: [eyes close] there goes our moment"
October 14, 2018 – Shelved as: reread
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message 1: by Itstashhh (new) - added it

Itstashhh " I actually laughed out loud so much my dog got offended" HAHAHA that is brilliant!! I need to read this book, I can't wait :(

Charvi I've been waiting for this book since an eternity!!!

message 3: by evi (new) - added it

evi GAH I'M SO EXCITED. Seeing your reading updates and then remembering it's not out until OCTOBER is terrible, I swear.

C.G. Drews @Tashie: Eeep it's worth it!

@Charvi: October is so far awayyyy agh!!

@Evi: IT'S TORTURE. I'm so sorry though, I usually don't read books so early, but this one was special. 🙊

message 5: by iz (new) - rated it 3 stars

iz ugh I want to read this book so badly!!!!

message 6: by Nihilli (new) - added it

Nihilli I'm scared about the ending... How could it be a cute book and end badly ? But I don't know what to expect and it's terrifying...

message 7: by Melanie (new) - added it

Melanie @enae moana yo, same. If it’s a Becky ending, we should be good. But an Adam ending? I’m not a fan.

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