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Brave New World by Aldous Huxley
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it was amazing

In Huxley's utopianish dystopia, an individual's fate is determined through a combination of genetic engineering, operant conditioning, and hypnopedia (sleep-teaching.) It is a different dystopian vision than that of Orwell or Atwood; individuals are drugged and allowed unlimited promiscuity in order to pacify them and keep them believing that they are happy (without allowing exposure to alternatives with which they might contrast their lives.) Gone are the arts and religion as we know it, and science exists only as a shadow of itself.

The book follows the story of a "Savage", named John, brought from an Indian reservation on which the "Brave new world" is unknown. He cannot understand the "civilized" world, and to its occupants he is an interesting anomaly to be gawked at at cocktail parties.

The book ends on an upbeat note.

Everyone should read this book.

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