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Dark Fire by Chris d'Lacey
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Sep 23, 2011

it was amazing

Alongside Fire Star this is the one of the best of the series. With the Ix slowly gaining more power and trying thier best to harvest dark fire for thier darklings the plot thickens. So many great things happen at this point in the series it's difficult to comprhend. As usual with most of the series the plot is complex but if you can follow it you are in for an excellent read. The Ix are quite devious villans. In Dark Fire you truly get to see thier ambition and power to achieve thier dark goals of complete anhilation of Dragons and the prosperity of thier Darklings. I found that the scenes with the Darklings attacking the clay dragons was great. David and Tam also end up helping each other as well and Tam starts to develop interesting powers and can even destroy darklings by turning them as white as ice. Gwilanna's ambition to become revered to a Dragon makes her just as agressive as the Ix to obtain her goal. With David communicating with a clan of Dragons known as the new Wearle and an unborn child of Liz reaches out and commingling with one of the clay dragons and Dragons rising up all around the world things get interesting very quickly. It all comes crashing down as well in on epic battle near the end. This book is the best in teh series with a lot happening and if you are a fan of the series READ THIS BOOK!!

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