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Crooked Little Vein by Warren Ellis
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Sep 23, 2011

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Lots of conflicting thoughts on this book. The mystery, detective elements showed promise, but there wasn't actually a whole lot of detection on the part of the characters. The search for this powerful lost book was quite direct, just connecting dots and following the one hot lead. So not much peripety here. The characters weren't too interesting, nor did they grow too much, but this book wasn't supposed to be a character study anyway.

This book reminds me of two things. The first being Chuck Palahniuk books, because the author throws in a lot of sordid and generally unseemly fetishists and odd balls. Unfortunately, often time this seems just like the author playing madlibs: noun:lizards; adjective: giant; verb:lust =Godzilla fetish. This book also reminded me a bit of Naked Lunch, because there would be these brief asides, which while outlandish and predicated on this sort of randomize shock value, were quite funny and often made you think about American culture and how odd it is.

The one thing which I will take away from the book is how on several occasions the idea of mainstream versus underground comes up. With the internet allowing like minded individuals to connect, it is hard for anything to be truly underground. Even the most perverse things may involve thousands and thousands of individuals. In a more practical sense, think of music. I could hear the up and comers of the Minneapolis scene or Albuquerque or whatever. The definition of mainstream is perhaps antiquated in lieu of the internet.

This book was one of my co-workers staff picks. A bit surprising, but I'll definitely give future picks a try.

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