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A Bloody Good Secret by Sierra Dean
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Sep 22, 2011

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Read from September 22 to 23, 2011

“You’re kidding me. How is that…” I pointed to the offending object, “…more civilized than drinking it from the bottle?” She had found an old Sesame Street cup, depicting The Count. His cartoonish fangs beamed at me, and I read the writing on the side which proclaimed, One… One Glass of Milk! I wanted to stab myself in the face with the broken shards of my dignity.

This book picks up roughly three months after the first one. Secret has run away to her Grandmere's house to get some space and clear her head. But the short reprieve from her real life problems doesn't last as she's forced back home to deal with the contract put out on Holden. She also decides to ask the big 'why' he needs to be killed instead of blindly following the rules, which leads to a lot more questions that need to be answered. Secret then makes it her mission to prove Holden's innocence all the while trying to sort out her complicated love life.

“You’re not going to kill me because I was the interruptus to your coitus.”

I loved Secret in book one, she's a bad-ass assassin and doesn't take crap from anyone. But this book she kinda annoyed me, not all the time but certain parts. Such as any time spent with Lucas, I wanted to slap some sense into her. She rips his pride into little pieces then sets it on fire, all because she didn't want to come home from her little getaway. She failed to realize that killing Marcus caused a whole lot of pack problems and her new position in the pack needed to be reinforced not neglected. So she of course blames Lucas for all her problems.
Quote: "I could only imagine how frustrating it must be for Lucas to be soul-bonded to such a single-minded and stubborn woman as myself."
I really wish Secret dealt with this a little better, it seems to me like she was trying to find an excuse to push him away so she didn't have to deal with the two-soul bonded problem. Even though in my mind, she gets the better end of the stick. Desmond I still like, but he seemed a little clingy in this book for my tastes. I adore Sig and after the book ended the way it did I hope we see more of him in book three.

Something small and fluffy passed in between my legs, and I resisted the urge to assume it was of demonic origin. The furry thing introduced itself with a “Brrr-eow?” The tiny white kitten looked up at me, and I hugged my shoes tighter. Cats. Close enough to demons.

One of the upsides to Sierra Deans book is the writing, her books are extremely easy to read. The words flow across the page and before I know it I'm already half way. The pacing was also very well done. The bad guy took me by surprise, wasn't expecting it so it was nice to be wrong for a change. I really wish I could have given it more than 3 Stars, who knows I might after sleeping on it but I didn't like the romance all that much in this book. Secret acted like a little bit of a slut. However I am still very excited to read the Secret Santa book 2.5 at the end of November.

“Tag.” The word came out as I pulled the trigger. Its eye widened, and then the whole messy patchwork of its head exploded in a fine mist of bone and skin. “You’re it.”

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