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To Green Angel Tower, Part 2 by Tad Williams
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Sep 22, 2011

really liked it
Read from September 27, 2011 to May 14, 2012


Okay --- so for me, the second half of the third book was .... a grueling read, and did not arouse any strong interest until 'about' page 320 --- once past that marker, however... WOW. What a ride?

So many gorgeous characters in this series... so many flawed, yet beautiful personalities that I found myself desperately fond of --- I guess what I liked most about this trilogy, was the richness of characters fulfilling theirs roles --- i have a terrible love for 'side' characters --- and I feel like this series does not treat them unkindly, despite the great number that meet tragic ends --- it is clearly echoed that without so many individual sacrifices piling up to buffer and support one another... no good would have occurred. Without the small act... some precious sacrifice of one seemingly meaningless life... the efforts of all would have failed. THAT is what I liked most about this book --- nothing was won out of the miracle of one, but the combined pain of all.

I have to admit though... without the strength of characters within this series, I would have been hard pressed to finish it --- scatterings of sections within this book were... i balk away from saying 'useless' but... in all honesty, just felt like a lot of hot air, extra baggage that was more distracting from the core elements i was most interested in...

But, this is all just a comment on my own personal experience --- i am sure that readers have had a vast array of results by their own dedications.

I would purchase this series for my own collection. I would like to revisit it one day, to pick up on things that did not hold as much clarity as I would have liked. As far as 'fantasy world books' go... this joins the ranks of some of my favorites. Tad Williams provided what I sought --- a high fantasy adventure that I could escape to from my own reality --- it was lovely.

I can't wait to step into his other worlds of fantasy --- what shall await me there?

Quick sidenotes:

favorite characters (in no particular order...) : Maegwin, Guthwulf, Rachel, Simon, Binabik, Eolair, Isorn, Cadrach.. i am sure a scattering of more.

I hated Miriamelle... Miri...whatever her name is ... BUGH. Her only saving grace was that she was adept, or just plain LUCKY with a bow and arrow...!!!

what i loved about the 'solution' to Ineluki: simple, and not overly complicated *(though i have to admit that i was left with breif irritation when it occured, having expected more? but after later reflection, realized that it worked for a reason...)

"villains" : loved them

The 'world' in general: challenging yet familiar

Also: Simon underwent a TON of physically grueling tests in this book --- WOW; making up for the past?

***please don't take this 'review' seriously, alrighty? kaybai.

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10/25/2011 page 120
10/25/2011 page 120
15.0% "Despite detesting the cliche, and terribly obvious relationship between Simon and his princess, I'm still enjoying this book."
05/11/2012 page 672
84.0% "so... once I hit page 320... this book FINALLY got really good --- haven't been able to put it down in the last few days --- starting to feel the same nostalgic love I experienced for the first book --- about time, too!!!!! Can't wait to see how things end :D i have enjoyed this epic fantasy greatly!"
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