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Doodling by Jonathan  Gould
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Sep 22, 2011

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Review of Doodling for “Books, Movies, Reviews! Oh my!”

Have you ever wanted to get out of the rat race? Is it all going too fast? Can’t keep up? Feel like you’re going to fall off?

Maybe what you need is a good laugh, and Gould serves them up in this allegory about Neville who falls off the world because it is spinning too fast. He finds himself among the asteroid belt, and the laughs start, for almost everyone he meets is crazy.

He meets a colony holding a religious ceremony to summon a toaster to their asteroid. He finds an “aimless” asteroid, where he has a particularly aimless talk with the woman who lives there. He encounters three cyclists in a never-ending race, and he meets the “Party People” who celebrate by drinking dust out of Champaign bottles.

But then Neville meets Helen, and astrophysicist who has calculated that in three and a half hours the earth will break free from the hold of the sun and come crashing through the asteroid belt.

Neville now has a mission; save the asteroid belt. If you’re a teen or older, read the book to laugh at the way he organizes his loony friends to save both the earth and the asteroid belt.

Although Gould writes in the comic vein, he teaches some important lessons. For example, after meeting the “aimless” woman:

“[Neville] jumped off the asteroid and watched as it zigzagged crazily away. In his heart, he knew that what the girl had said was wrong. It was important to have an aim. What was the point of living if you didn’t? Neville decided there and then that he had better find an aim for himself. But thinking about your life direction while you’re standing in the middle of an asteroid field isn’t such an easy thing to do. The best way to work out what his aim would be was to get out into the open, so he could concentrate better. Neville found a nice quiet spot, turned himself around so that he didn’t have to look at the asteroids any more and started to think.
What would be a good aim? How could he create a fulfilling life for himself here in the middle of nothingness?”

That’s a good question, and congratulations to Gould for answering it.

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