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Murder on the Orient Express by Agatha Christie
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really liked it

You know what I love about this book, Goodreads? You wanna know what makes this book just a downright pleasure to read? It’s just a good old-fashioned murder mystery with no frills, no multiple timelines, not big plot twists, no no no no. It’s not that at all.

It’s just a short little mystery with an overwhelming cast of characters to keep track of, and, gee whiz, are these guys eccentric. And they all could be a suspect.

So here’s how the book breaks down:

There is a murder on the Orient Express. I’m sorry if that spoiled the book for you.
Poirot and his awesome mustache interview the passengers on the train.
Poirot, awesomely mustached, considered everyone’s testimony and examines all of the evidence.
Poirot, alone with aforementioned mustache, creates some theories of what could have happened.
Poirot and his mustache address the others with what happened at the end of the book.

That’s it.

And the end is absolutely worth it.

I really enjoyed kicking back and just settling into this one. I never found myself thing to solve the mystery on my own. I just let the story unfold without drawing my own conclusions. I loved the simplistic format of crime, interviews, evidence, solve the crime, books over. Have a nice day. It’s a really concise mystery that doesn’t waste time with fluff and description, except Poirot’s mustache. It’s driven by dialogue as the investigation plays out, not by unnecessary side plots or backstory or whatever.

This was my third Agatha Christie novel, and I’ve loved al of them so far. I’m only ready the popular ones though, and i guess I have like 63 to go or something. I’m not holding my breath. She’s a great writer though and can really weave a story together with a satisfying ending.

And now I get to watch the newish movie that came out last year. More on that later, maybe. I doubt it.

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Lisa My favourite Christie!

James Joyce It's a fun adventure, as most of Christie's books are.

But I have to say that there are multiple timelines, unless I misremember the book. Doesn't Poirot, theoretically, learn of the same passage of time, through each of those passenger's eyes?

And there definitely is a big plot twist. In fact, one of the biggest and most famous plot twists in mystery fiction.

Lisa Kenneth Brannagh, tho... #notmypoirot

Justin James, there is a previous event referenced many times, but the story stays in the same timeline. I was referring to books that jump from one time to the next each chapter or to a new character or something.

And yes sir the big reveal is huge! But that’s it. There aren’t multiple twists and turns until you get there.

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Julie Ehlers Great review as always. I've had this book for years but have never read it. Maybe I'll read it next--the no-frills thing sounds very relaxing.

Justin Once you get past trying to figure out who everyone is it does become relaxing in a sense. That may be why I enjoyed it so much and read it in a day. It was a refreshing break from all the other stuff I was attempting to read.

SpookySoto Great review!

Renee Great review! I love Agatha Christie, and have read many of her books, but only got around to reading this one last month. I loved it, and was really surprised by the ending! I had no idea who the killer might be, so I just enjoyed the ride until the reveal. I still have 36 more of her books to enjoy :)

Ellie Terrific review! I love this book.

Also, I think the film version from the 70s is better.

Justin Tried watching the new movie tonight and it was awful. The whole thing just felt flat and lifeless. I going to track down the old version and give it a shot.

Renee Justin wrote: "Tried watching the new movie tonight and it was awful. The whole thing just felt flat and lifeless. I going to track down the old version and give it a shot."

Was that the new one with Kenneth Brannagh? I haven't seen it yet, but wanted to watch it. Did they change the story?

Justin The story follows the book pretty well, but it just felt off to me. His portrayal of Poirot was awful and just kind of annoying, and the rest of the cast felt like they weren’t really trying. It honestly felt more like a made-for-TV movie rather than a big budget movie.

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