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A Taxonomy of Love by Rachael  Allen
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really liked it
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Ahh this was cute and angsty and angstily cute! I'm turning into a monster who likes to read fluff, ok, (although this is fluff + serious issues = and done so well I am a FAN) and naught will stop me. Also I read this in just a f ew hours with only 2 breaks!! This is a big deal for I, who has the attention span of a headless gnat!!

Also total shout out to books that do neurodiversity so well!
That's like 98% of the reason I wanted to read this, okay!? The protagonist, Spencer, has Tourette's Syndrome! I can't speak for the authenticity, but just the way neurodiversity was handled (yas I am neurodiverse too) was EXCELLENT. And also this book (a) was CUTE and books about disabilities so rarely get cute story lines so afjkdsla this is important, and (b) it smacked down abelism beautifully, and (c) the finale of the story was not a tragedy of how TS ruins ~everything~ as so often happens in books. (Like holy heck we neurodiverse people deserve to have stories where the disability IS NOT the tragedy.)

Anyway I am pleased. Can you tell.

• It's actually a book that spans 7 years!
• So there's like 3 or so chapters per year for Spencer being 13 to 19
• Spencer has Tourette's
• It also discusses racism, ableism, and grief really well
• He's in love with the girl next door, Hope (or in love with the idea of her?!)
• There's also some letters and texts from Hope's perspective
• He likes bugs and writing taxonomies
• There's lots of talk of travel and natural wonders of the world
• There is a frikkin' heck of pie
• It also has lots of wrestling which I am less thrilled about but ok, i survived
• Spencer is too adorable and I love this

I just can't even with how cute Spencer is! I loved how he was simultaneously dorky and nerdy but also kind of a jock?! And I just loved watching him grow up (his voice matures as the book progresses too) so character development was A+ the WHOLE TIME. And look his Tourette's made life hard sometimes (like it physically hurt when he'd tick so hard he'd hurt his body) but he wasn't full of self-loathing about it. This book kind of just says "Hey being different is hard sometimes and sucks but it's also COOL and when you find your people, life can be really good."

I kiiind of struggled with Hope?! I though she was realistic, but I kind of wasn't rooting for them to get together lmao I'm sorry. I'm not a romantic.

Also it was just really addictive and fun to read. Fast too! I mean, I KEPT READING INSTEAD OF WONDERING OFF which is usually me. But Sundays full of books are the best kind of sundays. Fite me. This is true.

There were a few things I didn't like?? But they're pretty "this is just me". Like, it's very Southern and I hate with a wild passion guns and hunting...Spencer isn't exactly into it, so there's not a LOT in the book. But like the dad has a gun cabinet in the house and just...ugh. I know it's an American thing but it creeps me the heck out. I also didn't love Hope. It bothers me that no one really did anything about how badly Spencer got bullied in Middle School (wtf, why didn't his parents help??). And because of the whole "we cover a year in 3 chapters" ...just sometimes things happened so sharply?! Like turn a page and BOOM it's a year later and these people are broken up and these people are hating these people and...WHY DID THIS HAPPEN OFF PAGE.

It seems like a lot of peeves, but it's really not! They are tiny squishes against a book I love love love.

So this is absolutely one I'm just going to hug. My heart is very full! Every kind of minority needs books that are hard-hitting BUT we also need books that are cute and warm and are filled with family/friends who care. Don't get me wrong: This book has some tough/dark moments. It is NOT full of cotton candy. But it's just a squish of delight and I want 9 more thank you so much.
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Samantha (WLABB) This book owned me, and mostly because Spencer was so wonderful. Not perfect, but wonderful.

C.G. Drews @Sam: Exactly!! Spencer was incredible. ❤️❤️


C.G. Drews @kindling.pages: IT IS SUCH A NICE BOOK AHHH


C.G. Drews @Emily: why do americans even

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Katie Hanna @Caiti--I'm an American and I don't even know why Americans even

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Abril You got me at pie I.need.this.now

C.G. Drews @Katie: I wonder if anyone knows why Americans even??? it's like one of the world's biggest mysteries.

@Abril: YES YOU DO!!

Janela Canaoay !!!! Um yes !!!

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