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Cowboy, It's Cold Outside by Lori Wilde
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Reviewed for herding cats & burning soup. (live on blog 12/8)

Christmas and cowboys? Well, maybe not an actual cowboy but a sexy country singer giving back? Um, yeah, yeah that'll work real nice, too.

Cowboy, It's Cold Outside left me smiling.

The Gist: Cash is a big country star and he's in Twilight for a friend's benefit concert. Should be a simple gig. Sing a little. Do a little good. Christmas it up a bit. Keep his mitts off one of Santa's Helpers. Yeah, that last one. Blunder. The spunky small town girl with a big heart totally knocks his world sideways.

Cash is a captivating hero. You can't help but like him. And feel for him. He's wandered his whole life and really has no one to call his own. It made me ache for him. And Paige has had some hard knocks in life but keeps going. She's a fighter through and through.

And they wee so fun together. His free spirit and playfulness. Her solid roots and realness. It was the perfect balance and brought out the best in each of them. It was fun watching them hang out and hard not to smile over them. And I worried over them, too, as they dealt with all the things life had handed them over the years.

I loved the Christmas in a small town setting, too. The cheer and comfort. It was just good for the heart.

There were two struggles, though. There was an...abundance of words. So many words. Some parts too flowery and others that could have been easily edited down and not lost any of the feels. And a personal pet peeve of mine when a heroine messes up but then the hero apologizes. I really needed a bit more from the heroine there at the end.

Overall, though, Christmas fun was had and I enjoyed spending time with Paige and Cash. They really were a cute couple.
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Nate Brightman And here I thought it was because I'm a guy that I found all of that flowery prose (especially during their first time together over the top and a bit too much? I know from previous reads that this author is prone to a lot of flowery descriptive adverbs and adjectives but when she started adding in analogies between music and flowers blooming etc. just wow. But like you I found this an enjoyable read with very a very likable heroine and hero.

Anna's Herding Cats Oh my gosh, no. Definitely too much flowery prose for me as well. I don't remember it being *quite* as overwhelming in previous books but whew it really stood out to me this time. I did still enjoy it overall but some toning down and editing would have made it much better.

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