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The Year of Fog by Michelle Richmond
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Sep 21, 2011

did not like it

You may have noticed that all of my earlier reviews have been positive. What can I say- I have an eye for books and rely heavily on Amazon and GoodReads reviews. As much as I pride myself on my (almost) impeccable taste, I’m only human. This leads me to The Year of Fog by Michelle Richmond. This book felt like it was a year long- I found my mind wandering and looking for synonyms for the word tedious while I was reading. In fact, just thinking about this book, makes my eyes get heavy and yawning ensues, so I will make this review quick.

This book had great potential. The premise is that the main character Abby, is caring for her soon to be step daughter Emma while her fiance is out of town. A quick visit to the beach turns into tragedy when Abby gets distracted and Emma turns up missing. Now, this sounds like a good book. And it could have been……

Michelle Richmond had a good idea, but turned it into mathematical and memory lessons. Pages upon pages were filled with memory experiments and Abby going over mathemtical equations in her head that may have changed the course of events. By day 100, I kept chanting to myself- only 265 more days to go. Only 265 days for Abby to reflect on her own childhood, read books on memory experiments, and reflect on math lessons from her high school teacher- none of which I signed up for.

I will say that the end was not bad. I felt some vindication for making it through a full year of pages and felt no guilt for flipping through chapters all at once at times. The end is pretty farfetched, but she had to give us something and I happily took that little gift.

All in all, read this book if you are interested in memory exercises or research. If you really want to know what happened to Emma, read the first 30 pages and then skip to the last 30. Actually, trim that down to the first 15 and last 15- you’ll still get the story line. Minus, a mathematical hangover.

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