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The Initiation / The Captive Part I by L.J. Smith
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Sep 21, 2011

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So, I saw that they made this book into a mini series, and decided to give the books a try. I figured if I liked it I'd check out the show as well. This book is about a high school girl named Cassie. Her mom decides to make their vacation permanent by moving in with her estranged grandmother. The house is old and the grandmother looks like an old time witch, wart and all. Plus, this is in a place called "New Salem" in New England. So, come to find out this town is full of, you guessed it, witches. They have a "club" at school for them, as many of the adults are against their practices. Cassie finds out that she is one as well, and eventually becomes a member of their club. However, things go awry quickly as people start to get killed. They begin to wonder if an object that they found could be the responsible party or if one of their own is committing the murders. My opinion of this book was that it was ok. I had forgotten how the author is in love with the idea of these silver cords connecting people. Well, the cord makes an appearance in this book, and it's painfully silly how people are so in love after one chance meeting (lasting only about an hour). But, that aside, the story kept me interested. Mostly because I like the mystery thing going on, and the whole "I'm in love with my best friend's boyfriend" thing. However, the whole witch thing felt like I was reading The House of Night books again, how they call upon the elements to assist them. The main "bad" chick was a bit too perfectly bad. I mean, her element is fire and she has black hair. Plus, the "good" chick has shimmery white/blonde hair and is good with nature and herbs...If you can get past the cliches, though, it's good for an easy read. We'll have to see how the story ends with the second book. Oh, and PS- I checked out the mini series...absolutely nothing like the book, save the character names and the places.

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Tyisha You think the idea of falling in love after one meeting may be silly but at that time you hadn't read the entire series. All is explained.

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