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Payback by Fern Michaels
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Sep 21, 2011

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Read in September, 2011

Second in the Sisterhood suspense series that revolves around finding justice for each of the "sisters" and others they find worthy.

The Story
It's Julia Webster's turn for justice. Diagnosed with HIV caught from her philandering senator husband, Julia had to give up her career as a plastic surgeon. She wants Mitchell to pay with humiliation, disgrace, and never have the opportunity for a comeback. She also wants justice for the subscribers to the Monarch HMO. Hundreds, if not thousands, of subscribers or family members have died due to denials of claims all to fuel the greed of the three Monarchs.

The Characters
Seven women have joined together to find justice for the wrongs done them. And if any little cause comes along that strikes their fancy, they'll take that up, too. By this second story, the ladies have bonded and care greatly for each other, lovingly fed by Charles Martin, Myra's live-in lover.

Senator Mitchell Webster is a typical politician. More interested in himself and how he can gain power and influence as he f*cks his way through Washington D.C. The Monarchs, Derek, Elaine, and Ethan, are more interested in, well, more. They have houses throughout the world with rooms filled with the treasures and antiques they have collected at the expense of their subscribers. Thankfully, they are able to deny claims so they'll have more money to spend on more stuff.

My Take
I love the story. I hate Michaels' writing style. It's so simplistic. Not quite on the level of See Dick, but damn close. She has more simple sentences than a fourth-grade reader. And they don't necessarily connect up smoothly!

What's with Myra freaking out over every little thing? Is this supposed to set up her evolution through the series to a calmer, more accepting person?? Then there's poor, struggling Alexis driving her Mini Cooper. Does Michaels have any idea how expensive those things are?

Then there's the destruction of Mitch's career that Julia wanted. It never happened. WTF!!?? I was so looking forward to his humiliation and, hopefully, the anger of all the men whose wives he screwed. Damned disappointing. Although the Monarchs' disposal was quite poetic. Would have been more satisfying if they were aware of it though.

Two things I did like: Nikki feeling bad about Jack's little contretemps and Jack and Mark Lane going out on their own. Nice bit of justice there.

The Cover
The cover on the book I read doesn't match up.

The title is certainly appropriate for indeed Julia, the Monarch HMO subscribers, and a number of other organizations get Payback.
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